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The cost includes a weekly service for the following:

1. Re-stocking of consumables.
2. Emptying and re-filling of the re-circulating tank with fresh water and chemicals.

Does there need to be a water and power supply for the toilet?

All of our site portable toilets have sinks in them and our event portable toilets have fitted hand santizer pumps.

We deliver our units on a 3.5 tonne dropside truck, and a trailer if multiple units are required.

There are no lights as standard, but we can supply battery operated lights for a small additional cost which can be temporarily fixed to the inside walls of the toilet. All of our Portable units are constructed with a translucent roof in order to let daylight or artificial light if positioned under a floodlight.

As long as the ground is level, and our maintenance team can access the toilet for servicing.

Construction sites will require 1 unit for 7 workers based on a 40-hour week (BS6465). For an Event then there are different factors that determine the amount of portable units such as drink consumption and event duration. If you have any questions please contact our experienced team on 0800 9589598 and they can advise you to meet your requirements.

WC Portables use the latest aroma fresh chemical products that keep smells at bay for longer. All units delivered are cleaned and set up with new chemicals. This will be maintained as long as they are serviced weekly and the correct number ratio of people use the toilets provided.

Width 1,160mm Depth 1,215 Height 2,316

One of our experienced team will demonstrate how to operate the unit on delivery.

We have a different batch of toilets for Construction and Events.

There is no time limit for toilet hire at WC Portables. Any of our portables can be hired from just a few hours to as long as you require them.

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