Applause Portable Sink

Applause is our largest portable sink and is available with an optional vinyl bag inner liner or upgraded hard inner tank to safely contain gray water. Providing 450 uses per fill-up, the Applause is an ideal solution for long-term construction sites or multi-day festivals.

The Applause features two handwashing stations, one soap dispenser, two paper towel holders, two hands-free, foot-operated pumps, and two convenient trash bag holders. It gives users everything necessary to clean up. The sink’s 32” basin height provides accessibility to everyone from children to wheelchair users. It’s also creatively engineered so two sinks can be placed back-to-back to create a four-station portable sink.

Despite its size, the sink can be moved without much trouble thanks to its built-in lift handles. With a hinged, lockable lid, it’s also easy to service and secure. The Applause portable sink is a popular choice for users and PROs alike.

Applause™ Portable Sink Features:

  • Capacity: 30-gallon fresh water, 30-gallon grey water
  • 450 uses per fill-up
  • Includes one soap dispenser, two paper-towel holders, and two convenient trash-bag holders
  • Hinged, lockable lid
  • Hands-free foot-pump operation
  • Easy to fill, easy to service, and with built-in handles, easy to move
  • The 32″ basin height makes the Applause™ convenient for everyone, including children and wheelchair users
  • Can set two stations back-to-back to create a four-station sink
  • Paper Towel dispenser requires Tork Universal Hand Towel Roll (Item# RK350A) or Georgia-Pacific Envision® Singlefold Towels (item # GP-23504)

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