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Events toilets hire

WC Portables have a range of portable event toilets to cater for a small gathering to a large festival.

Our event toilets provide your guests with the required public convenience, and you are safe in the knowledge all will be removed after the event.

We also offer a range of mobile urinals which is a trouble-free option that can be set up predominantly anywhere*. This is a very popular solution at events as it reduces the portable toilet use.

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  • Limited cost alternative when toilets are needed
  • Low expenditure sanitation provided
  • Maintenance expenses are avoided
  • Costly Sewer and water plumbing not necessary
  • Good facilities compared to competition may increase visitors
  • Public can attend the event longer and continue to spend
  • Guest satisfaction

Some frequently asked questions...

Do I get charged additional costs for a weekly service on top of the hire fee?


The cost includes a weekly service for the following:

1. Re-stocking of consumables.
2. Emptying and re-filling of the re-circulating tank with fresh water and chemicals.

Does there need to be a water and power supply for the toilet?


The portable toilets are completely self-contained and require no electric or mains water to be operational.

Do your toilets come with a sink in them?


All of our site portable toilets have sinks in them and our event portable toilets have fitted hand santizer pumps.

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