Portable Toilet Hire for Festivals

The UK has an abundance of exciting music festivals such as Glastonbury, Great Escape, Green Man, Isle of Wight festival and many more. These outdoor festivals often span over a few days and attract a large group of people who watch Adele battle it out with Coldplay and Muse for the best headline performance. Music festivals are an integral part of British culture and provide the best environment for fans to dance to the tunes of their favourite hip hop, rock or pop music stars. As they dance to the soothing tunes from the headline and upcoming acts, it is vital you’ve made adequate provisions for portable toilets to ensure their entire festival experience is in rhythm.

portable toilets for festivals

For festival organisers, choosing quality lavatories and the appropriate quantity is always an important part of the event organisation process. Having adequate portable toilet facilities around the festival ground prevents revellers from urinating in public areas. When festival goers urinate in public spaces the beautiful farms become polluted and this causes a threat to the existence of fish and wildlife in the streams.

festival portable toilets

Limited cost alternative when toilets are needed

Low expenditure sanitation provided

Maintenance expenses are avoided

Costly sewer and water plumbing not necessary

Public can attend the event longer

Guest satisfaction

We supply portable toilet units for hire to a variety of festivals in the United Kingdom.  Our vast experience in supplying clean and high standard restrooms ensure we promptly supply, empty and replace these toilets to ensure the festival experience is remarkable. These portable toilets are supplied with recirculating chemical flush and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of germs. It is also important that the portable toilets are structurally strengthened for manual holding and are very stable whilst in use. Your festival attendees can even benefit from the coat hook and mirror provided in these facilities.

WC Portables Portable Toilet Hire

The new 6 man enclosed Portable Urinal unit boasts ample space for up to 6 users at any one time. For ultimate privacy for users and ideal for any function. Easy access from front and back will help ease queuing times in any event. With a 226 litre waste capacity this is ideal for large gatherings. Complete with wall hand sanitiser unit.

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