Portable Toilet Hire for Weddings

Wedding ceremonies are always happy moments as the friends and families of the bride and groom come together to share a special occasion. It’s a day you’ve dreamt about since you were a kid with colourful imaginations of the fairy-tale wedding dress, a beautiful wedding venue, the towering floral inspired cake and gorgeous bridal bouquets in the presence of a sea of happy faces.


In instances where the wedding venue is in a private or outdoor property without proper toilet facilities, choosing a clean and an inexpensive portable toilet becomes essential.


Limited cost alternative when toilets are needed

Low expenditure sanitation provided

Maintenance expenses are avoided

Costly sewer and water plumbing not necessary

Public can attend the event longer

Guest satisfaction

We’ve got immense experience in supplying toilets for weddings and understand the best standards. For example, we’ll advise you not to have the toilet in full view of the guests or close to the eating area.

Standard portable toilets are quite popular for weddings as they are fully equipped with a coat hook, mirror and sanitizer pump. Disabled portable toilets are also hired alongside the standard toilets to ensure that you cater for everyone on your special day. You do not have to worry about the state of these units as they are supplied clean with all provisions and we’ll guide you all the way.

Often, when we’re at locations with limited options for placing the toilets, our team will advise you to consider having the units behind a barn or nestled in a grove of trees. We’d love the opportunity to make your wedding guests comfortable with clean and top-quality toilet units.

WC Portables Portable Toilet Hire

The new 6 man enclosed Portable Urinal unit boasts ample space for up to 6 users at any one time. For ultimate privacy for users and ideal for any function. Easy access from front and back will help ease queuing times in any event. With a 226 litre waste capacity this is ideal for large gatherings. Complete with wall hand sanitiser unit.

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