10 effects of using a portable toilet when it is raining




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The simple rule of life is to use a public toilet when we are in need or want of it. One can gather that the use cases of a public facility like portable toilet units can vary from doing a poo or pee to a quick makeup or costume change. We understand the range of reasons for requiring to visit these facilities to handle our business. Have you ever visited a portable unit during torrential rainfall?

This is imagining you have about a 50-100 metres walk from the activity centre to these facilities. Regardless of the weather condition, when nature calls we have to answer with a strong conviction and a clear resolve. There are causes and effects for things in life. For example, the cause of being pressed leads to an effect of visiting the toilet. Using a portable toilet when it is raining has several outcomes that will be explored below


Simple effects or outcome of using the public toilet whilst it’s raining: 

  1. Reduces the worry of bowel and fart sounds: Busy and large events such as festivals and marathon events are likely to have a few portable units lined up next to each other. The level of sound resistance or proof built into the lightweight plastic sheets used in manufacturing mobile units may defer. We are reminding you that portable units may not prevent the users in the adjacent units or individuals waiting in the queue from hearing your bowel eruptions or sounds. The thumping sound emanating from rainfall can overwhelm your bowel sounds and provide the required freedom and comfort needed to release all the waste and gas stored up in your system.
  2. Reduces the queue waiting time: You are likely to meet fewer people waiting to use the portable toilet when it is raining. This will ensure a shorter or no waiting time is required to use the mobile facilities during a large event. Wondering the best and least busy time to use a public portable facility? The answer is simple when it is raining! Not everyone has the tenacity to brave the rain to visit the unit. Here is your chance to answer the call of nature without being put on hold.
  3. A cool and refreshing atmosphere: A portable toilet that has been highly used and infrequently maintained is likely to have some foul smell. The rain has a tendency of transmitting some refreshing air and soothing sensation in the atmosphere and the stall environment. It is likely to lead to a refreshing toilet environment whilst we are emptying our bowel or bladder.
  4. Reducing or increasing the chances of losing your umbrella: This is assuming you are visiting the toilet with an umbrella. We do not all have the same level of responsibility when it comes to an umbrella. Some of us are more likely to return with the umbrella whilst others are likely to leave it behind in the portable toilet. This depends on us completing our business. If it stops raining before we finish using the toilet, the likelihood of leaving the umbrella behind is higher than the reverse.
  5. Washing our hands is a given: Sometimes we get stunned by a faulty tap in a mobile stall. This becomes worse when we realise the hand sanitizers have run out. The rain comes as a massive boost or blessing when faced with this situation. You can easily wash your hands using raindrops.

Nature could call at any given time. It is never convenient visiting and using a portable toilet during heavy rainfall. The above are some effects or outcomes when you opt to use these units when the wet weather is at work. 

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