7 moments when you fall in love with public toilets




7 toilet moments

Using public toilets is like a gamble, some are great while others can be unpleasant. We often do not determine when we do a number one or two. When nature calls we usually answer in the closest toilet facility. Several thoughts run through our mind as we proceed to use the facility. We are generally preoccupied with the hygienic state and waiting times at these toilets. Train stations and shopping malls with limited units are likely to be in a less pleasant state due to the frequency of use and the lack of interval or space for the staff to clean the toilet. People are likely to be hasty and untidy during busy toilet moments. Amidst this reality, there are certain experiences that will leave us in absolute admiration of a public toilet.

Admirable toilet moments

  • Empty toilet: When you walk into an empty toilet, there is that sense of freedom and takeover. It feels like your territory and you’ve got the privacy to do your business without worrying about the reaction of someone else. An empty toilet could mean an off-peak period or sufficient public toilets at the location. Some shopping malls provide public toilet facilities on each floor.
  • Recently cleaned and scented toilet: You can easily tell when a toilet has been freshly cleaned and scented. The aroma is ravishing and stalls inviting. They may have used a spray that contains essential oils or a battery-powered automatic air freshener. These devices neutralise bacteria odours and release bursts of fragrance that leaves you in absolute admiration.
  • Automatic flushing: With technological advancements, some public restrooms are now equipped with automatic flushing. With this capability, the toilet relieves you of the stress of deciding when to flush. It automatically flushes when it realises the time is right to do so and is ideal for the elderly, disabled and children. In addition, they prevent cross-contamination as no contact is required.
  • UltraTouch heated toilet seat: A pre-warmed toilet seat takes the toilet experience to the next level. Cold toilet seats could be a nightmare during extreme winter conditions. Some of the advantages of heated toilet seat is warmth, comfort, relieves arthritic discomfort and the loosening of stiff muscles.
  • Clear instructions and signs: Some public toilet facilities leave much to be desired when it comes to signs. It can be finding it hard to differentiate between the liquid soap and the hand lotion. Or, difficulty in spotting the hand dryers when they are not placed at the conventional spots. The vacant and occupied signs should also be visible and intuitive for all users to prevent any confusion or embarrassment.
  • When the furthest stall is empty: When it comes to having a poo, some users prefer the furthest stall as it offers some degree of privacy. We can comfortably release a symphony from our bowels without feeling embarrassed as other users may find it difficult to spot the actual stall responsible for the sound.
  • Spacious stall with a coat hook: Not all stalls are of the same size. Some are quite spacious with enough room for the odour to diffuse and become less potent. This space also comes in handy when you want to change clothes or have bags or luggage.

These are a few moments that can make anyone love the public toilet.



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