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Some homes have designated toilets for guests. It is usually located on the ground floor, possibly adjacent to the living room or the cloakroom. The family bathroom can be of two types. A more common scenario is a combined WC and shower in the same space. You will also have the handwashing basin in this room. With this setup, one can easily have a shower after completing a number one or two. Or, taking a bath immediately after brushing one’s teeth is normal. 

There is also the benefit of overwhelming the odour from your poop with the steam and vapours generated after an immediate warm bath. In addition, you do not have to explain why you’ve spent a long time in the bathroom as your household may have assumed you’ve had a shower after completing a number two. For some homes, separating the toilets from the bath is the most logical thing to do due to the floor plan. We will now explore some benefits of a separate toilet and bathroom. 

Benefits of a separate toilet and bathroom 

You are in the process of buying a house and just realised the family toilet is separated from the bathroom. What are the benefits of this setup? Let’s look into some of these advantages:

  1. Prevents delay if the bathroom needs are different: We all pay multiple trips to the bathroom in a given day. A house with a host of family members may experience an increased demand for the use of the bathroom. It is quite discomforting to wait for a sibling or a housemate to finish having a shower before you empty your bowels. Your needs are different – shower and poop. In a combined bathroom, you’ll have to wait for it to be free before answering the call of nature. A separated option reduces the delay and strain that is expected to ensue. You can easily visit the toilet to empty your bowels whilst the other individual can take their time for a thorough shower.
  2. Avoid the toilet odour if you are simply having a shower: The time lag between bathroom use could prove crucial in a combined setting. Imagine, a family member has just emptied their bowel about two minutes ago. You need to have a shower after your morning workout. You might walk into an unpleasant bathroom that is coated in an offensive smell. A separate WC and bathroom will prevent this occurrence. You can comfortably walk into the bathroom knowing the chances of experiencing an offensive smell is little or nothing. 
  3. More cost-effective and adds an extra value to a home: Having a separate toilet adds the flexibility to your home and gives you the option of adding a separate bathroom if required. The standalone room that houses the WC can accommodate a shower if space permits. Adding an extra shower in this situation can increase the value of your home and allow more individuals to have their bath simultaneously. 

There are also disadvantages for houses that have a separate toilet and bathroom. Our focus in this article has been the benefits for such a layout, 


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