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Portable toilets are essential when a standard unit is limited or unavailable. They can be hired on short notice and delivered promptly. We’ve emphasised their mobility as one of their most significant benefits. Imagine a collection of portable toilets that can be delivered to your construction site or event venue within a snap of the finger. That will be a pretty straightforward process for those expecting some complexity while ordering these units. It is standard for these units to be delivered in a ready-to-use state. If a premium package is selected, the steam-cleaned toilets have motion sensor automatic air fresheners and 4x white three-ply quilted toilet paper. The premium package is optional but can distinguish between a good and an excellent toilet experience.

Included in most hired toilets is a weekly service to ensure the units remain in a clean and hygiene-friendly condition. This weekly service will be most relevant for toilets that are hired longer. 

Possible reasons why you may consider applying your cleaning products in the portable toilet:

Hiring a portable toilet is subject to the agreed-upon package. In most cases, you’d have received enough chemical cleaning products to keep the facilities in an appropriate state before the next servicing. However, certain conditions may make you want to clean the units with your chosen chemical component. Let’s explore some of these possible reasons:

1) A higher usage: mobile toilets are always placed to serve users when needed. It is common for a higher demand for these facilities when food or drinks are served on-site. When event attendees or construction workers eat and drink more, there is an increased need to empty their bowels or bladders. This could place more demand on the hygienic state of the units

2) More attendees than expected: Sometimes, a last-minute change of plans or publicity can attract more people than anticipated for an event. Or, at a construction site, a project may be running behind schedule, and more workers are required to provide support on last-minute notice. It will lead to a sudden rise in the use of the facility and may also render the unit too unpleasant before the next clean is due

3) Hygiene standards of users: Shared portable units can quickly become filthy and unbearable when users have poor hygienic standards and habits. You’ll expect a sorry state of the toilet facility when there are many carefree toilet users. With many nonchalant toilet users comes a need for urgent cleaning. 

Can you add a cleaning product or other chemicals to the portable toilet? 

You cannot add cleaning products or chemicals to the hired mobile unit. Adding these cleaning substances to the facility may cause the original chemicals to be less effective. It can also lead to the pollution of the local treatment plant upon disposal. 

Overall, the regular scheduled servicing of the portable toilet may be sufficient depending on the ratio of users to the toilet. 

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