Common fears when using a public toilet




public toilet fears

It is always convenient using your private toilet. You feel relaxed within the confines of your home toilet. On the other hand, using a public facility in a train station or portable toilet at a festival presents a set of challenges or inconveniences. For some, it is inconveniencing when using public facilities.

Certain fears that arise with using a public toilet unit 

1) The echo bowl experience: Most public toilets are quiet and a few individuals are dreaded with the echo or sound that arises as a result of the drop in the toilet bowl. The sound could be deafening if the toilet is quiet. The sound from the hand drier helps to subdue any sound that could arise from your stall.  You’ll need to align the emptying of your bowel with the hand dryer sound.

2) Toilet blame game: In public toilets, people can use a certain look or eye contact to hold you responsible for the smell or mess that is present in a stall or wash basin. Some individuals may have the fear of walking into a toilet and suddenly discover it smells bad, only to witness someone else entering a few minutes later and pay them that ‘You are responsible for this smell’ stare.

3) A crab jumping out when lifting the toilet cover: We are advised it is safer and better to flush with the toilet cover down. You’ve just entered the toilet and the covers are down. You then lift the cover and sit for a poo. When raising the cover a few thoughts are likely to dribble in your mind. One of those thoughts could be a hungry and scary crab jumping at you. This is unlikely to happen but it is a fear a few people may have when using a public facility.

4) A spider under the toilet rim: People with a fear of spider, can easily anticipate a giant one crawling or resting on the public toilet rim. Harbouring the thought of seeing a spider could make individuals dread the use of a public toilet.

5) The bag or coat hook falling apart: Individuals who take personal hygiene to a high standard may hold the fear of seeing their backpack or coat dropping to the toilet floor if the hook falls apart.

6) The toilet locks becoming undone: We trust the lock of most public toilet facilities. But in the odd occasions, certain locks could leave us with the fear of someone accidentally walking in on you. The engage and disengage sign of some public toilets are not as clear and effective as expected.

7) Toilet seat sprinkled in urine: The thought of encountering a toilet seat in drops of urine can be quite nerve-wracking for certain individuals with a high sense of hygiene. People can end up squatting or using a different facility when dealing with a urine splattered seat.

8) Realising there is no toilet paper after having a poo: it is always best to check if there is sufficient toilet paper before using a public portable facility. Individuals who fail to check on the availability of rolls may deal with the fear of reaching out to realise they’ve run out.

These are some of the fears one may be confronted with when using a public toilet facility.


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