Confusing toilet flush plates or levers?




Chrome toilet flush plates

As humans, we adapt to change differently. Using our private toilets at home or shared facilities at the work environment could be a breeze. We understand how these facilities function. Visiting a public toilet for the first time could cause a bit of concern for some, especially when the design of these units seem different. Toilet units that are similar to the ones we’ve used in the past will always come easy. It is quite common to find the toilets in public spaces such as train stations, shopping centres and supermarkets similar to the ones we’ve used in the past.


When public toilets flush becomes confusing

Using a communal toilet at places like luxury hotels, aeroplanes and cruises could prove slightly challenging for a few. Some of these facilities may install bespoke toilets with peculiar flushing systems. You’ve just completed your business and trying to figure out the actual toilet flush. It may feel like a puzzle or riddle you’re confronting with after answering the call of nature. Some toilets like the American Standard dual flush units now come with two flush plates. These dual flush plates come in a variety of styles, colours and finishes.


Tankless toilets and invisible levers or plates

We are always reminded that change is the most constant thing in life. Advancement in manufacturing is also being applied to the toilet industry. It is quite common to look at the wall or tank for the lever to flush a given toilet. Some modern toilets are moving away from traditional toilet levers and now come with a well-designed wall Chrome flush plate. Some of these plates are either circular or rectangular in nature. Interestingly, a few of these contemporary plates are beginning to look like mere designs without any functional use. This could lead to a few toilet users searching for the actual flush without realising the rectangular or circular chrome plate is the flush. This paints a picture of invisible toilet plates. A rather confusing scene for some toilet users.

On the other hand, for simplicity and efficiency sake, some toilets are now being designed to be in-tank or often considered wall-mounted tankless facilities. Toilet manufacturers are now utilising modern technology to integrate the water tank into the bowl. Roca are leaders in the in-tank toilet technology. They utilise an injection method that drives water from the tank towards the upper part of the bowl. With these tankless facilities, one can achieve a powerful and silent flush. This type of facilities come as either floor-mounted or wall-hung. While the motive for designing these units is to enhance sustainability, peak flushing performance and efficiency at minimising flush volume. These are all encouraging reasons for flushing technology. But a user may initially struggle to identify the actual flush plate due to the in-tank nature of the facilities.

Have you ever been unsure about how a public toilet flushes due to advancements in their design? You may want to take a pause and look carefully for a subtle design of the Chrome plate or lever. There are also advancements in the design and efficiency of mobile toilet units.

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