Dealing with the windowless toilet




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Have you ever been in a room that had no window or ventilation opening? The feeling of residing or visiting a home without a window is unimaginable especially during the warmer months. Windows are a common feature for most buildings as they are a great source of natural light,  cross-ventilation and better neighbourhood view. A room or house with a window has a brighter and crisper feel than one without one. When surveying, renting or buying a property we are likely to ascertain if the window is facing or backing the sun.

The location or positioning of the window in the living room can determine if it receives much warmth and sunlight during the day and cool breeze at night. There is also the factor of the window size and how far back it is able to stretch when opening. These are some factors that determine the degree of natural light and ventilation one could expect in a given space, room or property. This is also applicable to the toilet. Some toilets are built with a window and others without. Toilets without a window rely heavily on a fan to absorb the odour that has emerged as a result of poop or fart. The toilet air freshener can also be overworked in toilets without a window. This makes using the toilet at a friend’s home or at the office a bit concerning for people that are quite self-conscious. When an individual is so pressed, a toilet without a window cannot prevent them from handling their business.


Dealing with a windowless toilet 

For some individuals, the sight of walking into a toilet without a window can be terrifying. More so, realising the air freshener is almost out. This becomes a challenge when you realise the toilet experiences high traffic or usage. There is no window, what do I do? This is a likely question that travels through your mind. As you pursue all practical ways to ensure the odour after you are at a tolerable level for the next user. Here are some tips:

1) Use the toilet air freshener efficiently: You can easily judge the degree of odour that is generated during your poop moment after the first few seconds of handling your business. If the offensiveness of the smell is on a higher scale, it is best to use a decent amount of air freshener to suppress the odour. 

2) Flush for a few times: A single flush may not be sufficient after doing a number two. Multiple flushes may help keep the toilet bowl clean and wash away every remnant you may have left behind. Multiple flushes can also help mitigate the smell you were to leave behind. This can be useful in some cases of windowless toilets.

3) Leave the toilet door ajar after use: The toilet smell has to escape via some sort of opening or be effectively absorbed by a powerful toilet freshener. Leaving the door behind you slightly open is a great way to provide a way of escape for the caged smell. Now, you’ll have to ascertain where the liberated odour is likely to escape to when you leave the door open. In an office setting, your toilet will have to be some distance from the work environment for you to consider implementing this strategy. Overall, it is important to judge the situation properly before providing a way of escape for your restricted toilet fragrance.

Using the toilet is a necessity and a windowless toilet should not prevent us from handling our business. 


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