Events We’ve Provided with Quality Toilet Facilities in June 2024





This month has been a whirlwind of exciting events across various locations. We’re known for our reliable and high-quality portable toilet facilities, and we’ve made a significant impact at several notable events this month, ensuring that attendees can focus on enjoying themselves without worrying about essential amenities.

Dog and Whistle Pub Special Event

The Dog and Whistle Pub, a popular venue known for its vibrant atmosphere and unique events, hosted a special event that drew a substantial crowd. Understanding the importance of maintaining hygiene and comfort during such gatherings, WC Portables stepped in to provide top-tier portable toilet facilities. The units were strategically placed to ensure easy access, and their cleanliness and functionality were praised by attendees. By partnering with WC Portables, the Dog and Whistle Pub could offer a seamless and enjoyable experience for all its guests, enhancing the overall success of the event.


Great British Food Festival in Berkhampstead

The Great British Food Festival in Berkhampstead is a culinary celebration that attracts food enthusiasts from all over the region. With a diverse range of food stalls, cooking demonstrations, and family-friendly activities, the festival required a robust solution to manage the high volume of visitors. WC Portables rose to the occasion by providing an array of portable toilets that catered to the needs of festival-goers. The facilities were maintained to the highest standards of cleanliness, which was crucial in a food-centric environment. Festival organisers noted that the presence of reliable sanitation facilities contributed significantly to the positive feedback from attendees, making the event a memorable success.

Hoddesdon Town Event for Broxbourne Council

The Hoddesdon town event, organised by the Broxbourne Council, is a cherished community gathering that brings together residents for a day of fun, entertainment, and local pride. This event saw an impressive turnout, and ensuring the availability of sufficient and clean sanitary facilities was a priority. WC Portables delivered a range of portable toilets that seamlessly blended into the event’s setup. Their team ensured regular maintenance throughout the day, allowing visitors to enjoy the festivities without any inconvenience. The council’s decision to collaborate with WC Portables was met with appreciation from the community, highlighting the company’s commitment to quality service.

JOCA Fest at Welwyn Rugby Club

JOCA Fest at the Welwyn Rugby Club is an annual celebration that supports mental health awareness and community well-being. With a mix of live music, sports activities, and wellness workshops, the festival attracts a diverse crowd. Understanding the need for dependable facilities to support such an event, WC Portables provided an extensive range of portable toilets that were both accessible and hygienic. Their proactive approach in managing the facilities ensured that all attendees, including families with young children and elderly guests, had a comfortable experience. The organisers of JOCA Fest lauded WC Portables for their professionalism and reliability, which contributed to the festival’s overall positive atmosphere.


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