Hygiene challenges of some portable toilets during a marathon




Portable toilets during a marathon

Large events like festivals and marathon make us compromise or adjust our hygiene standards. The irresistible need to do a number one or two makes us drop our toilet etiquette at home. Also, the realisation of knowing there are no better toilet alternatives than the shared portable toilets leave us to ditch our toilet ideals.

You’re attending a marathon event and ready for a quick pee or poop before heading for the start line. What hygiene challenges will you face and how do you address these?


Hygiene challenges of some portable toilet units during a marathon 

It is important to note that not all portable toilets are equipped or maintained the same. They differ in both the type and frequency in which they are cleaned. The hygiene challenges that will be identified below are for those units that may not be effectively equipped and maintained as others.

1) Toilet seat splattered in urine: One of the first things to greet you in a poorly maintained portable unit is a toilet seat wet with urine. The best way to deal with this is to squat whilst you’re handling your business and see the plus side of having a facility for emptying your bladder or bowels. 

2) Lack of toilet roll: A running event that fails to provide sufficient toilet to runner ratio could experience hygiene concerns like toilet rolls that have run out. There is no better way to prepare for this by having some toilet roll on you before hitting the start of the race. 

3) Absence of a hand-operated flushing system: There are times you could find the remnants of others swimming in the toilet bowl. In moments like this, the inconvenience and press from nature could have you look past the hygiene nightmare and handle your business. 

4) No freshwater hand basin: Not all portable toilets come with a freshwater hand basin. The marathon event organisers may have hired a combination of toilets with and without freshwater hand basin. If you’re not in luck and have to use one without a basin, you could opt for the provided hand sanitiser

5) Absence of hand sanitiser: When a portable toilet does not come with a hand basin, a hand sanitiser could be an alternative. The absence of both leave a hygiene focused marathoner a bit uncomfortable. The best way to deal with this is to ensure you have a bottle of water before you get to the start line. This could prove useful in ensuring your hands are rinsed before the ultimate run. 

Portable toilets are quite important for sporting events like half and full marathon. It is important, event organisers research and hires the right quantity and type of portable units to ensure participants do not deal with a hygiene nightmare. Some portable toilet hire companies can ensure the facilities are effectively emptied and cleaned where and when appropriate. 


Image Credit: New York Times

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