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At WC Portables, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch portable toilet facilities to events of all sizes across the UK. Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting several exciting events, ensuring that attendees have access to clean and convenient sanitation facilities. Here’s a roundup of our latest deployments:

Waltham Abbey Town Show at Town Mead Park, Waltham Abbey EN9

For this year’s Waltham Abbey Town Show, held at the picturesque Town Mead Park, we delivered a total of 5 portable toilets. This included:

  • 4 event portable toilets to accommodate the general crowd.
  • 1 disabled portable toilet to ensure accessibility for all attendees.

The Waltham Abbey Town Show is a beloved local event, featuring a variety of entertainment, food stalls, and community activities. Our portable toilets played a vital role in maintaining the comfort and hygiene of the visitors throughout the event.

Dragon Race at Fairlop Water, 1G6

The thrilling Dragon Race at Fairlop Water saw a substantial turnout of participants and spectators. To meet the demands of this energetic event, we provided:

  • 18 event portable toilets strategically placed around the venue.
  • 1 disabled toilet to ensure everyone could comfortably enjoy the day.

Fairlop Water is known for hosting large-scale events, and the Dragon Race was no exception. With our facilities in place, participants and visitors were able to focus on the excitement of the race without any worries about sanitation.

Rickmansworth School Event, WD3

Rickmansworth School hosted a major event recently, drawing a significant crowd. To cater to the needs of attendees, we delivered:

  • 20 event portable toilets to handle the large number of guests.
  • 1 disabled toilet to guarantee inclusivity.
  • 1 four-man urinal to provide additional convenience and reduce waiting times.

This event at Rickmansworth School was a great success, thanks in part to the reliable and efficient sanitation solutions we provided. Attendees could fully engage in the activities, knowing that clean and accessible facilities were readily available.

At WC Portables, we understand the importance of dependable sanitation at events. Our recent deliveries to the Waltham Abbey Town Show, Dragon Race at Fairlop Water, and Rickmansworth School highlight our commitment to supporting events with high-quality portable toilet facilities. We look forward to continuing our service and ensuring that every event is a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

For more information on our services or to book facilities for your next event, get it touch today.

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