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Using public toilets may not always be the most comfortable experience for all. When using one of these toilets, we are likely to wish additional features were available. Some of these imaginations are realistic and others are just a way of escaping from the present toilet state. The toilet door is a common feature in most private and shared units. You will usually have a door at the main entrance of the toilet and respective doors to all available stalls. We will be exploring some features you can easily imagine a public toilet door should have. These thoughts are likely to be travelling through your mind whilst answering nature’s call.


Imaginary toilet door features 

1) Soundproof: There could be some subtle panic or anxiety that comes with emptying your bowels in a busy public toilet. The fear of drumming up some bowel beats as you empty its unwanted contents. The crunching thought of how the fart and bowel sounds can overwhelm the entire facility. Imagine you release those embarrassing sounds when the toilet is quiet. Grabbing the attention of everyone else and leaving you with that sorry expression. These are the moments you’d wish the toilet door had some sort of soundproof. Maybe, the ones commonly found in a music studio. Ironically, beats are generated in a music studio as well as the stalls of a toilet. If public toilets management can install soundproofs in the door, you can discharge your beats without any fear or embarrassment. 

2) TV Screen: Using the toilet is a personal moment. We cherish this alone time to comfortably empty our solid or liquid waste and entertain ourselves in the process. Some of these entertainments include scrolling through your phone, reading a book or watching a movie could be classified as a poor toilet habit. Notwithstanding, we can easily imagine that the toilet door had an embedded TV screen. A screen to keep you entertained with your favourite series or TV documentary as we go through the toilet experience. This is a wishful thought as toilet doors are not expected to have TV screens.

3) Coat hanger: Some public toilet doors are designed with hooks for backpacks, jackets or coats. It is very unlikely to find doors with a proper hanger for your expensive and well-maintained suit. Your best chance is to make do with the hook  provided or place your jacket or backpack on your lap whilst handling your business 

4) An Inbuilt radiator: During colder months, it could be quite challenging to use a poorly maintained public toilet. Some of these toilets can be quite cold and lead to an unpleasant toilet experience. In these moments, one could easily imagine a powerful radiator attached to the toilet door to keep the stall warm and comfortable for the emptying of one’s bowels. 

5) Automatic air freshener: When the odour from a public toilet is very offensive and too much to bear, one could easily imagine having door-mounted automatic air fresheners. It is free to put together these imaginations but they can be further away from reality than you could have expected.

6) Automatic doors: For some with higher hygienic standards, touching the door handle could seem too daunting and uncomfortable. In these periods, you could wish the public toilet door had some inbuilt sensors that can open up by a wave of the palms or detection of one’s body motion.

Using public toilets does come with its challenges. We sometimes come up with imaginations that will make the toilet experience more pleasant.


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