What is the size of a portable toilet and will it fit in my garden?

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Portable toilets for gardens hertfordshire

When hiring a portable toilet, be mindful of the size. A typical standard pedestrian gate is 900mm wide, while a standard single portable toilet at WC Portables is measured at 1166mm,  but for arguments sake, lets round that up to 1200mm to ensure movement for us and no breathtaking for you!

Driveway gates are usually 3000mm – 3060mm in the UK, this will be large enough for our standard vehicles to gain access also.

If your access point is larger than 1200mm but smaller than 3000mm the portable unit cannot be situated more than 10m away from our vehicle. This is to ensure our services can be conducted.

The unit’s total depth is 1215mm and has a total height of 2316mm, it is helpful to have these measurements in case you wish for the units to be situated in a particular position or if there’s something overhead you haven’t yet thought about.

Once your mobile toilet has been placed in your desired location, the units are electric free, self contained and with a waste capacity of 225 liters. We also have a rich selection of facilities that are designed to meet your needs and if you are running an event, you get to choose from our blue or pink units.

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