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Have you ever received or given someone a very firm handshake? Firm handshakes require some degree of weight or pressure. They are great indicators of authority, confidence and personality. It could highlight one’s state of mind or how they carry themselves. You’ve also been advised the first handshake before a job interview and the departing one on your way out is important. Potential employers admire people who are confident in their abilities and identity.

The pressure from these handshakes is not geared towards cracking or breaking the nineteen-plus palm bones such as Metacarpal, Hamate and Proximal Phalanxthe. The intent and effect of firm handshakes are to instil confidence and trust in the recipient. What is the relationship between a handshake and toilet lever? I hear you think out loud! Like a handshake, applying the appropriate amount of pressure will instil confidence and trust in the other individual. They feed off the pressure or weight of our handshake. A non-committal handshake leaves the other party doubtful of your focus, confidence or ability. It’s time to establish a connection between the handshake and the all-important toilet cistern lever or button. 


Treating the toilet cistern lever or button like a handshake 

Have you ever imagined that the toilet lever could be likened to a handshake? Do you know how weird it will feel, for someone to release the palms for a handshake within an eye blink? Pulling out your hand quickly may express hesitation, not being present at the moment or mild disgust. It is an unfortunate feeling to be at the receiving end of a handshake that was released too quickly before a genuine connection was made. 

What happens when you let go of the toilet lever or button before proper connection or contact has been established? The water pressure might be low and result in a weak flush. This could result in multiple rounds of flushing to ensure all the remnants are washed off from the bowl. Do you apply the necessary weight or pressure like you would do during your dream interview? The toilet flush system will feed off your confidence and trust of the lever. Handling the toilet lever with the slightest amount of weight and failing to travel the distance could be due to the below reasons:


Reasons for a light pressure on the toilet lever or button

  1. Lack of time or being in a hurry: Nature can call at any time or place in life. It could be minutes before a train journey or a few minutes preceding the important interview. When short of time, we are stretched to complete our business most efficiently and effectively. We empty our bladder or bowels at a jet speed pace and are likely to apply the slightest of contacts to the toilet lever or button with the hope of a thorough flush
  2. High personal standards: For some using the public toilet could be nerve-wracking due to hygiene concerns. In this scenario, an individual with high hygiene sensitivity is bound to push the button or handle the lever with the faintest of touches. On some occasions, they can prevent direct contact with the button or lever by using a hand towel or toilet paper.
  3. Familiarity with toilets that have strong flush: When most toilets you use have a powerful or effective flush, you are likely expecting the portable facility at the marathon event or in a restaurant will have a strong flush. This could lead to light contact with the lever or button. 

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, handshakes have gone obsolete. Regardless, applying the right pressure to the toilet cistern lever or button is crucial to an effective and clean flush. 


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