The suspicious mutual toilet stare




Our eyes or body language can tell a lot about our thoughts or state of mind. Most people find it hard to be vocal in the toilet as they view it as a place of privacy. The public facility is not designed for loud chats or banter between mates. It’s an environment where our bowels are expected to make the most noise and be a prominent character. Have you ever left a stall simultaneously with someone else and wonder if they are responsible for the unbearable smell. And they, in turn, give you the stare that makes you feel responsible for the state of the toilet. Maybe the smell is 10% of yours and 90% of theirs? Or the reverse could be the case. Why do some people give the accusation gaze to others in a public toilet facility? It’s a look that declares you as guilty without proper toilet examination.


Some reasons why people give the accusation toilet stare:

1) To save face: When people feel bad for unleashing an unfavourable smell in the toilet, in a bid to save face or avoid humiliation, they can easily stare at anyone vacating a stall to exonerate themselves. The gaze from these users could be accompanied by an expression of disgust. It is a stare that declares you solely responsible for the stinking state of the toilet.

2) Have a strong sense of smell: We all have varying sense of smell. Some individuals have a heightened and hypersensitive sense of smell which is usually referred to as hyperosmia. Using public toilets could be challenging for these individuals and the combination of unpleasant smell can leave them very uncomfortable and lead to that accusing stare at anyone vacating the stall. 

3) Have a blamer personality: People who view themselves as capable of doing no wrong in life tend to view others as being responsible for unfavourable outcome could be referred to as blamers. You can easily meet the accusing stare from a blamer after completing a number one or two in a stall.

4) Toilet cleaning personnel: Most public toilets are regularly maintained by the cleaning staff. Some of these cleaners develop a strong resistance to smell due to longer periods spent in these facilities. Don’t be surprised to meet a “you are responsible” stare from cleaning personnel after you’ve completed your businesses. On the plus side, a lot of cleaners are usually pleasant when met at their designated public toilets. 

The accusation stare in public toilets is not a new occurrence. These are some of the reasons or explanations for the stare. It is not a justification for the unfriendly gaze.

Image Credit:  Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.

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