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portable toilets too close

Massive events such as festivals and renowned marathons attract a large number of people. Both participants and supporters make up the thousands present at these memorable moments. There are emotional highs and lows when we see our favourite artist on stage but realise we have suddenly developed a running stomach. We enjoy our desired tunes being played but endure the rumbling and gradual discomfort from our mid-section. Any unpleasant sound produced by our stomach is subdued by the sounds emanating from the gigantic speakers. Waving of the hands is followed by a sing-along and our festival evening couldn’t have been going any better until the unwelcome arrival of our unsettled bowels.

The performance is completed and there is a 30 minutes break before the next act. That’s the moment we run to the nearest portable toilet before anyone else gets there. We suddenly realise all the mobile units are stacked next to each other forming a well-knitted row that almost looks like a work of art from an aerial view. The music is on recess and we fear our bowel sounds might be heard by those in the adjacent toilet facilities due to the closeness of the units. Too close for comfort you think and a bit of toilet anxiety may creep in if you are not careful. 

Dealing with the worry of using portable toilets close to other units.

Not everyone feels uncomfortable handling their business in a facility quite close to others. Some are more than comfortable answering the call of nature in this circumstance. We will look at some tips or thought processes that can help those feeling a bit uncomfortable in this circumstance. 

1) You’re all there for the same reason: remember the portable toilet or any restroom facility is designed for the same purpose. It is to be used as a collector of human waste. It ranges from liquid to solid unwanted materials. Bowel sounds and unpleasant groans are expected in these facilities. This should ultimately remove any form of discomfort and toilet anxiety concerning releasing sounds whilst handling your business. 

2) Too close to determine the mobile unit responsible: During massive events like national festivals and the world marathon series, several toilet units are expected to be placed next to each other for operational ease and user convenience. During peak periods like a toilet break after a performance, most units are expected to be occupied. It almost feels like a drive-through service as people queue up and use the facilities in quick succession. During those moments, one should expect a symphony or a well-organised orchestra of bowel sounds around the public convenience area. It will be hard for anyone to determine which of the units are responsible for the smell or sound. This also should put your mind at ease when answering the call of nature. 

3) The euphoria of the moment: Music festivals and sporting events involve a wide range of high emotions. People are dancing to the toilet and humming along to their favourite songs. Or, preparing for the start of the race by listening to their chosen power song. These emotions run high and carry most through the toilet episode. Our bowel sound is not strong enough to grab the attention of these fellow restroom users. 

These tips will help put your mind rest assured or at ease when using a portable toilet at a major festival or sporting event.

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