Top 5 Portable Toilet Sanitation Products You Need to Know





We all love a clean and hygienic portable toilet. Portable toilets are usually in a pristine state the moment they are just delivered to the event location or construction site. This makes for a comfortable use of these facilities. Fast forward a few hours and the visit of more users and the once excellent-looking facility has lost some of its fresh state. 

Ensuring that communal mobile facilities are in tip-top condition requires the presence and use of effective products. In most cases, the toilet hire company ensures that the units are regularly maintained. Regardless, let’s look at the top mobile  toilet sanitising products.  

Top sanitising products for mobile toilets:  

Biodegradable Sanitising Agents:

These cleaning materials are good for the  environment while dissolving quickly. They can be often seen to effectively neutralise odours and kill bacteria, Thus providing a clean and green option for the maintenance of portable toilets. Two examples of biodegradable chemicals used in cleaning portable toilets are bioactive bacteria and portable toilets enzymes. 

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers:

Hand sanitisers took the centre stage during the peak of the pandemic. It was a common companion in the backpacks and handbags of of many and this may have reduced in recent times but they still play a significant role in highlighting the importance of hand hygiene with antibacterial hand sanitisers.There are various options available, including touchless dispensers and formulations that effectively kill germs, and offer users a convenient way to clean their hands after using portable toilets. For example, our event standard portable units are equipped with hand sanitisers for users. Alternatively, there is also the hand sanitiser dispenser that can be supplied alongside the portable toilet unit to ensure users are provided with enough options to maintain a clean and hygienic hands.

Deodorising Pods and Blocks:

The overwhelming presence of odour also determines the hygienic state of mobile toilets. In some cases, deodorizing pods or blocks can be used to combat unpleasant smells in portable toilets. These products often feature long-lasting formulas that subdue odour and contribute to a more pleasant restroom experience for all. 

Waste Digester and Breakdown Agents:

The role of waste digesters and breakdown agents in promoting efficient waste decomposition within portable toilets is immense. One of the biggest sanitary nightmares with portable toilets is a clogged or solidified unit. This will make the facility unseeable and create a sanitary chaos that will require an intervention from the portable toilet hire company.  Clogged waste not dealt with in a timely manner could lead to a blockage and cause serious issues when emptying the tank. With breakdown agents, this whole situation is prevented and a sanitary satisfying portable toilet unit is ensured. 

The use of disposable Toilet Seat Covers:

If required, toilet users can use disposable toilet seat covers when answering the call of nature at busy festivals or sporting events, Disposable toilet seat covers. are Ideal for high-traffic events or public spaces, as they provide an additional layer of protection, reducing direct contact with the toilet seat and enhancing overall sanitation.

The sanitary state of the portable toilets is crucial to the overall toilet experience. Maintaining impeccable hygiene in portable toilets is achievable with the right products. Whether you’re an event organizer, construction site manager, or outdoor fanatic, incorporating these top sanitation products into your maintenance routine ensures a clean, comfortable, and user-friendly experience for everyone. In most cases, these products are provided and applied by the portable toilet hire company as part of their service. 

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