What is the blue substance in a portable toilet?




blue substance in a portable toilet

Have you ever used a portable toilet and wondered about some of the materials or substances found in the unit? Some may seem familiar and others certainly not. For those with particular interest in colours, blue could be a constant feature in most units. Blue as a colour is usually linked to imagination, freedom, inspiration, sensitivity and openess. It is also a vivid representation of the sky and sea. It is a colour with immense significance and can be found in things around our world. Some of these include thistles, cornflowers, the ocean, blueberries and many more. There is so much of blue around us and pausing to show some appreciation is important. 

When it comes to the use of portable toilets, people tend to be curios about the blue substance in the portable unit. Often wondering about its purpose. As one would expect a logical reason for finding it in the unit. 

Revealing the blue substance 

The blue substance found in a portable unit is not an ink from a child’s pen that has suddenly made its way to the mobile unit. It is a blue dye that is placed to inform users and event organisers that the tank has been treated. Why blue? You may ask. Blue is usually chosen because it is the opposite of yellow and one can hardly mistake it for a waste remnant. We all know the colour of poop or pee is far from blue. For a second, imagine of the dye applied is yellow pr brown in colour. A lot of us will be concerned that the facility is in a poor state and raise an alarm of possible excreta residue in the tank. Luckily blue is a much safer colour that is strong enough to be noticed and clear enough to inform users. 


What is in the blue dye?

The blue dye is not a decorative ink but it has a functional use in these units. The mixture of the dye is made up of biocide and has components such as formaldehyde. It is a biocide that is renowned doe slowing bacterial action and combat ordour. In essence, the blue dye helps reduce the negative impacts of bacteria and mitigate unpleasant smell. It is just placed ti convey a message of the clean state of the toilet but supremely designed to enhance the toilet experience of users. 

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