What to do when the public toilet is out of order




toilet is out of order

We all like some bit of order in our life. There is never a guarantee that things will always go according to plan. Like expecting to land our dream job a few weeks after graduation regardless of the economic situation. Looking back, we suddenly realise it has taken us some not-so-ideal jobs to finally land our desired role – a year or two after leaving higher education. When we are pressed for the toilet, mostly in public settings, we expect to meet an available facility. The thought of encountering a faulty or inaccessible facility is easily and quickly brushed off. It is unimaginable to think of a plan B if the facilities are not suitable for use


What to do when the public toilet is out of order 

Your bladder is full and feels like it is about to burst open. Or, your bowel is dense and feels like rupturing if you do not use the toilet straight away. It is an uncomfortable situation that can hurt our reasoning. To cut the long story short, you’ve just realised the public toilet facility at a train station has an out-of-order sign, so what’s next? You may say silently to yourself. Let’s explore some options 

1) Ask a member of staff to be sure: You must confirm with a member of the staff at the train station. This is to make sure it is out of order and not still displaying the sign after the issue may have been fixed. It is also important to ask how long it has been out of order to ascertain the recency of the issue and gauge the urgency from the staff in fixing the breakdown. 

2) Explore the possibility of using a staff toilet: We understand being pressed is sometimes an uncomfortable experience and may require some desperate measures. You’ve got to ask a member of staff, most likely more senior personnel for permission to use the staff facility. It might sound like going out of your comfort zone to make this request but your bowels and bladders will have you to thank for the relief. 

3) Ask if the train will have allocated toilets: Most trains have allocated toilet facilities for passengers. It is still a good idea to ask the train staff about the number of coaches and restroom facilities your train is likely to have. This will provide some sort of clarity for you and help determine if waiting to use the facility in the train is the best option.

4) Look for a coffeehouse or restaurant: According to UK law, restaurants with 10 seats or more are mandated to provide restrooms for their customers. You might be in luck in finding a nearby restaurant or coffee shop. A simple appeal to use the toilet in these facilities may do the trick and purchasing food may not always be deemed a prerequisite. 

5) Holding the urge within reason: Assuming all of these tips fail or are not possible, you could consider holding or enduring the press. This is easier said than done and you should apply this tip within reason. You should only attempt this if your train arrives in a few minutes and it takes a few stops to your destination. Remember, holding urine for too long could cause urinary tract infection, kidney disease and on extreme occasions lead to the eruption of your bladder. 

The out of order sign is not something we always admire when pressed. There are always alternatives when Plan A fails even in the case of poop or pee

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