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As humans, we are believed to be creatures of routine and habits. It takes us about 20 years to form our adult personalities which are a collection of behaviours and habits. We subconsciously allocate or assign time slots to some of our daily habits. Leaving the house at almost the same time every weekday to catch the 7.10 am bus or jump on the 7.15 am train. Without paying much thought to it, we navigate to our favourite seat by the aisle and hope it is vacant. The staff at the coffee shop close to work expect us to walk in just before 8.00 am for our Blonde Roast hot coffee. It is a routine that we have crafted to ensure our weekdays run smoothly. 

Carrying out tasks or responsibilities at a designated time of a day can also apply to our toilet habits. Some people are used to having a daily poop in the morning before having breakfast. It is argued that the human body is adequately resourced to empty the bowels during the morning hours. These are arguments from medical experts.


Why most people poop during the morning hours

Medical Experts like Dr Pasricha believe morning poop is as a result of the contraction of the colon when we first wake up. When an individual is asleep the colon contracts less, that’s why it is rare to wake up in the middle of our sleep to do a number two. During the first hour of waking up, our colon is likely to contract or compress three times as hard during the first hour of waking up as compared to when we were asleep. Did you know your intestines are at work when you are asleep? During sleep, the colon and small intestine work in synergy to transform all the food from the previous day. This is why the urge to use the toilet may arise a couple of minutes after waking up. Some individuals have to consume liquids like water or coffee to act as the final catalyst for pooping. In a different blog, we could explore the different exercises or liquids that could assist with completing a routine morning poop. 


Routinely pooping during other times of the day.

Other individuals have a habit of completing their daily poop during the later parts of the day like afternoons or evenings. The common denominator is having to poop at a set time daily. It could be rare to find someone who is used to having a morning toilet visit change to afternoons or late evenings. In these circumstances, some people may assume they are suffering from stomach upset or some sort of food allergy. Routine is pervasive in our toilet visits. Our colon has its time clock and could decide that late afternoon may be the right time to push the food waste out of our body. In certain circumstances, we may have trained our body to empty the bowels at certain times of the day when it is most convenient for us. Let’s assume you are quite busy during the morning hours with meetings and daily reporting. You are generally more at ease and have a lighter diary during the late afternoon hours. Subconsciously, you could train your body to feel the need or press for a number two during the afternoon hours. This could explain why you have your poop during those hours daily. We are simply products of routine and habits 

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