Why the height of a portable toilet matters




Portable toilet height

Human height is taken into consideration when we are in the process of buying a car or choosing a seat during check-in. Our height will help us predict the legroom required for a comfortable long-haul flight experience. A person’s height is determined mainly by genetic makeup and a combination of other factors like hormones, medical conditions, activity level, and nutrition. Findings reveal the global average height of a woman is 159.5 cm (5 ft 2.8 in), and their male counterpart is 171 cm (5 ft 7.3 in). There is a height difference of approximately 12 centimetres (4.5 inc). You would commonly find people with heights less or more than these averages. Regardless, our height plays a factor when making certain decisions in life. 

Portable toilets are also designed for varying levels of height. The event portable toilets are designed and manufactured to a height of 2316 mm (7ft 6). On the other hand, the 6 man enclosed urinal has a height of 2200 (7ft 2). It clearly indicates that some mobile toilets have a higher height specification than others. There could be some inconvenience when attendees at a festival or a local fundraiser are left to use mobile facilities requiring slanting to use these units effectively. This piece is not focused on the comfort height of toilets or the overall height of the toilet seat. Our focus is on the ceiling height of a mobile toilet and how it impacts the overall user experience. Let’s look at some of why the height of portable toilets matters.  


The essence of the portable toilet height

For the toilet user, there is a lot that happens before and after the flush. That’s hoping all users do flush. Earlier, we stated standard portable toilets are about 220 cm in height, which is 49cm more than the average height of most men and 60.5cm in comparison to the average woman. It indicates that the ceiling height of a portable toilet is designed to be higher than most users.


  1. There is much room to stretch: A toilet ceiling height that is much taller than most users provides extra space for stretching. You’ve sat down for too long at a wedding or been too mobile at a construction site. There comes a time when we’d prefer some private time in a toilet, emptying bowels and stretching after nature’s call has been made. 
  2. Reduces hazards that can result in head injury: Health and safety are paramount in large and small events. A low ceiling height can be a concern for event organisers and toilet users alike. With more headroom, the chances of hitting one’s head against the toilet ceiling or a mounted object. 
  3. Less cramped and claustrophobic: Claustrophobia is considered an irrational fear of confined spaces. We all know that a portable toilet is a confined space that can prove challenging for someone struggling with claustrophobia. A higher ceiling level makes the unit feel more spacious and less cramped. 

The height of portable toilets is essential to empower users with sufficient space to handle their business. These are some of the benefits of a higher mobile toilet ceiling. 

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