Hoddesdon love Christmas event

Event description: The Hoddesdon love Christmas event was held on the 25th of November 2017. Visitors were entertained by musical groups and local choir with the much cherished and awesome sound of the Enfield Brass Band. The Yuletide spirit was strong as the Father Christmas march took centre stage. The Mayor of Broxbourne graced the occasion and also led with the switching on of the Christmas tree lights. This was greeted by cheers from the visitors and more excitement engulfed the atmosphere with the fireworks display. There were a variety of activities taking place at the venue such as fairground rides, face painting and arts and crafts. Visitors also had a chance to try out a range of delicacies sold from the food vendors.

Work carried out: Our team was familiar with the location as we understand delivering portable toilet units to events held at town centres. We looked at the possible number of visitors, food stalls, venue and budget of the event organisers to make appropriate recommendations. In the end, three standard portable units were supplied to the event. These facilities were properly cleaned and supplied in a timely manner. We also ensured they were placed in the appropriate area- accessible to all but also far from food stalls and relaxation areas.

Results achieved: The event organisers and visitors were quite pleased with the state of the units. People did not have to queue for long to use the facilities due to their placement, quantity and state. Overall, people were delighted they had clean toilets to use and did not have to make the somewhat uncomfortable journey to a coffee shop to answer a number one or two.

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