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toilet hire for summer events

The world has been dealing with the impact of COVID-19 for a little over a year. It is reassuring to know that millions of people are being vaccinated around the world. Summer is approaching in the UK and as at the point of writing this piece, about 31,147,444 individuals have been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine. Approximately, 4,513,458 have been vaccinated with the second dose. All legal limits on contact in the UK are anticipated to be removed by the 21st of June 2021. We are all hoping for an amazing summer depending on the improvement of the pandemic data. 

With summer, there is more warmth in the air, the days become quite hot in most places and longer than during other seasons. The rays from the sun blaze your path to the outdoors, and invitations for a variety of events fill up your calendar. You should generally expect more ‘save the date’ messages during this season. Not all summer activities or events will require the hiring of a portable toilet. We will explore the possible events in the summer which are more likely to use a mobile toilet unit. 


Summer events that will likely need a portable toilet 

  1. Running events:  For those who love running, selecting a summer event like the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso or the Eifel race in Bitburg Germany is a brave move. Training and preparing for a summer marathon event is an admirable decision and you should expect to see portable toilets at your chosen running event. Hiring portable toilets for sporting events like the marathon is a common feature and not having one nearby could make the difference between having an amazing race to a horrible one. 
  2. Visiting amusement parks: We want some jolly and exhilarating rides during the summer. Our adrenaline needs some boost on rides like The Big one on Blackpool Pleasure Beach or The Swarm at Thorpe Park Resorts. Most amusement parks are constructed with inbuilt toilets. On rare occasions, portable toilet units can be hired if the current units are faulty or there is an immense demand expected on the current units. 
  3. Summer outdoor weddings: The outdoors are so soothing during the summer and attending a wedding during the warm months is usually expected. Portable toilets are also required for outdoor weddings when the venue has insufficient or absence of restrooms.
  4. Music Festivals: Summer screams of a lot of music festivals. There are a variety of summer music festivals in the UK such as Pearl Jam in Hyde Park, Creamfields in Warrington and Latitude Festival in Henham Barns. Portable toilets are also required for musical festivals as people tend to consume more alcohol and drinks during such events. The likelihood to visit a toilet during a music festival is higher and organisers make these units available. 
  5. Community Picnic and Barbecue: We all live in neighbourhoods either sparse or dense in nature. Summer is a great period for locals to put up events like a barbecue or picnic to bring people together. New arrivals in these neighbourhoods also utilise this opportunity to get to know their neighbours. Bigger events, held in a public space like a field may do with some portable toilets. Not all parks have designated public toilet facilities. 


This is not a conclusive list of summer events. Notwithstanding, portable toilets will be required for the above events and many more

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