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single portable toilet unit

It’s okay to have one car or one pair of peach coloured shoes. Society’s focus on environmental sustainability supports the rationale for owning one car and a minimalistic life better explains the need for one pair of peach coloured shoes. Having a single drink during a party makes logical sense when you are watching your health or considering driving home. There are a lot of things owning or consuming a single unit makes perfect sense. In the case of hiring a portable toilet unit, choosing to go for a single unit depends on the number and nature of your guests. Some event managers may be on tight budgets and consider saving cost when hiring public toilets. This could negatively affect the overall experience of the guests at your event.


Important questions to ask yourself before hiring a single unit 

1) How many guests am I expecting? You’ll have to keep a close watch on your guest registration lists to ascertain the number of registrants. Alternatively, determining how many tickets you make available will help you gauge or predict the turnout. 

2) What is the ratio between men and women? Some events are likely to attract more female or male attendees. Having a good idea of the split will determine if a single toilet will work. As more female participants will possibly lead to longer queues,

3) Will there be any disabled attendees? Knowing the answer to this question will help you consider hiring a disable portable unit if required. 

4) Will there be food and drinks? Events that sell food and drinks to attendees should consider hiring more portable units. As participants will feel the urge to do a number one or two. 

5) How close are we to alternative public toilets? Events held at sites close to shopping malls, train stations and restaurants are likely to hire fewer units than those far from these places. As you prepare for your event, it is worth checking proximity to facilities with public toilets. The farther you are from these places, the more consideration you should pay towards hiring more units. A single portable toilet may generate an intense queuing challenge. 

6) Is it a family-friendly event and are babies expected? Parents always seek a conducive place to change their babies. A local event that appeals to families will likely attract babies and toddlers. Hiring a single toilet unit, in this case, will prove difficult for parents. 

7) What is the capacity of the portable toilet? Some portable toilet units are more equal than others. As some standard portable toilet units have a tank capacity of 60 gallons while others can hold  40 gallons. The number of units you end up hiring is influenced by its capacity.

Overall, some things in life are better had as a single unit or quantity but not in the case of portable toilets. This points above will determine if hiring a single toilet unit will be sufficient for your proposed event. 


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