10 simple tips and hacks to dealing with cold toilet seats




cold toilet seat

You’re so pressed and run into a toilet to quickly answer a number two. You sit down and realise how cold the toilet seat is as it sends chills down your spine. And you suddenly remember it’s winter and the toilet seat has the right to be cold, especially if they are porcelain. Not all seats come preheated or with a built-in heating facility. There are simple hacks you could employ to ensure your backside is spared some of the unkind treatment from a cold toilet seat.

Tips in dealing with cold toilet seats 

1) Using unwanted or throwaway socks: Your unwanted socks could prove useful in situations like having to answer the call of nature on cold toilet seats. You could place your used socks neatly on the surface of the toilet seat and align your behind so it rests nicely on the socks.  This reduces the cold impact of the toilet seat and ensures you have a comfortable toilet experience.

2) Toilet paper: It is not hygienic to place toilet paper on the seat as this could easily lead to the transmission of bacteria. Nonetheless, having toilet paper on the seats of these units could help prevent you coming into contact with the cold impact.

3) Rub with napkin: You can also rub the seats with napkins to increase their warmness. A disposable or not so useful napkin could be used in this case as continuous rubbing will ensure the seats are warm enough for a less uncomfortable experience.

4) Seats made of cloth: Not all bathroom seats are made of cloth. If you’re lucky to have or hire one that is made up of cloth, then you might be in luck and never need to deal with a cold seat. On the other hand, you could put your craft skills into use by sewing together a seat cover shaped material that fits nicely in place.

5) Go for a wooden seat: It is also a good option to consider fixing wooden seats to your toilet to ensure a warm surface at all times. Wooden seats are not expected to get chilly during the winter months.

 6) Use a 1/4 thick foam from appliances: if you keep the foam from appliances, this could come in handy during winter the winter months. You can easily place the foam steadily on the toilet seat before use and return it to your closet after answering the call of nature.

7) Squat over the seats: In some cultures, squatting over the toilet seat is the norm but for others, necessity begs for this form of habit. Some squat to avoid coming in contact with the toilet seat to prevent the spread of bacteria while others see it as a great way of avoiding the chills that arise as a result of winter.

8) Using a blow dryer: A hair dryer or blow dryer is commonly used to blow hot or normal air over damp hair to facilitate the evaporation of water molecules and eventually dry the hair. These blow dryers can also be used over toilet seats to keep them warm before use.

9) Soak toilet paper with hot water and rub on the ring of the seat: This is a simple hack that is also likely to make your toilet seat warm before you relax to perform nature’s task. You’ll need to soak the toilet paper in hot water and quickly apply that to the seat of the toilet to help make it more bearable to use.

10) Use quickly after someone else: You’ll have to play smart and wait for someone to use the toilet before quickly dashing to also respond to nature’s call. When you use it immediately after someone else, the seat of the toilet will be warm as there is likely to be some degree of body heat generated by the previous user.

If none of these hacks are appealing, then you can consider using toilets with heated seats or hire a mobile facility during outdoor events or activities


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