23 things you need for an awesome outdoor summer wedding




outdoor summer wedding

Are you planning for an outdoor summer wedding? Here are 23 things you’ll need for a great outdoor summer wedding:

1) Tents: Your dream outdoor wedding requires a tent and there are a few things to take into consideration when choosing one. As they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, it’s important that you speak to the rental firm for their advice on the appropriate tent. Opting for the most suitable tent will depend on the surface of the outdoor venue. The surface could be grass, gravel or sand. This will help you choose the right tent that will hold tight in the event of windy weather. In some cases it might be best to go for a pole tent as they look good and tend to have a high roofline.

2) Wedding curtains: Most tents come bare and you will need a wedding backdrop curtain to add some colour and character. You could choose a wedding curtain that fits nicely with the colour scheme of your wedding. There are variety of textures, designs and colours of curtains you canrent at an affordable price to bring your tent or marquee to life.

3) Fans: It’s summer and an outdoor wedding does not necessary mean that there will be adequate ventilation and a cool breeze in the tent. You’ll need to buy table fans or hand fans to ensure your guest can pay more attention to you cutting the cake and not the sweat that drips down their or their partner’s face.

 4) Car park: This could be easily forgotten or overlooked, but it is quite important to ensure there is a car park provision for vendors such as caterers, decorators and the tent supplier to park their vehicles. Additionally, it’s quite beneficial to have a space for guests to park their vehicles or have instructions on your official wedding site or invite regarding the parking options for guests.

5) Portable air condition unit: There is also a great option in buying or renting outdoor air conditioners to ensure your tents are cool enough for your special day. These air conditioners are usually slim in design and are capable of fitting any tented structure.

6) Evaporative cooler: As tents do generate much heat, renting evaporative coolers are also a great way to keep everyone cool even when they hit the dance floor. Evaporative coolers are a natural and environmental friendly way of cooling marquee or tents as they tend to be installation free and mobile.

7) Lanterns: Wedding lanterns could help take your wedding decoration to the next level. You could easily choose from birdcages, pom-poms and paper lanterns.The pastel paper lanterns could help create a festival-themed wedding experience for you and your guests.

8) Citronella candles: It’s your special day and you want to dance and have great fun. Unfortunately, the insects are hungry and bored and have seen your event as the best opportunity to solve both problems. This is when citronella candles come to the rescue, as they repel insects.

9) Exterminator, mosquito coils and incense: These deter midges andmosquitoes, and If you decide to have your big day in a humid area, which increases the likelihood of mosquitoes and bugs, it will be important to spray the areas a few days before the event. Additionally, on the given day you could have a candle in any of your chosen lanterns to ensure the mosquitoes are kept as far as possible, and incense could also repel unwanted bugs.

10) Set of flip flops:Heels are popular during weddings as they tend to create that special look among your female guests. You could therefore get a bunch of affordable flip-flops for your girlfriends that have failed to effectively prepare for an all-day wedding ceremony and party.

11) String or market lights: Every wedding needs adequate lighting to ensure your guests and local vendors find it easy to locate fire exits and avoid any unexpected trip or fall. The string or market lights could help create the required lighting for your event and also enhance the appearance of your tent. These lights could easily be fit on the ceiling of your tent for sufficient illumination and to add the required sparkle to your day.

12) Tent sidewalls: Adding sidewalls to your tent is quite important in ensuring it holds up in the event of a storm. It gives you one less thing to worry about as you celebrate on your special day.

13) First aid kit: Incidents happen at events and it’s always betterto come prepared than be caught unaware. Having first aid kits available will help you deal with minor injuries, cuts or stings from insects or bugs.

14) Chandelier: If your outdoor venue has trees present it could be great to hang a chandelier from one of the big trees to create that spark which leaves guests amazed by the level of detail and creativity,

15) Designated bins and ashtrays:  A lot of waste is generated during weddings, from cigarette butts to beer cans. As such, it is important to place sufficient trash cans within reasonable distance of your guests to ensure you don’t have much cleaning up to do during and after the occasion.

16) Sufficient water and non-alcoholic drinks: Ensuring your guests are properly hydrated is very important as tents may generate enormous heat.  As such, it’ll be crucial for you to provide sufficient jars of water and juices to keep your guests properly hydrated and refreshed.

17) Sturdy umbrellas: An interesting thing about outdoor weddings is that you’ll be partially exposed to the elements. You’ll need to have a couple of sturdy umbrellas available to ensure that in the event of rain your guest have nothing to worry about and you can focus on enjoying every bit of your ceremony. You could choose from umbrellas such as the clear bubble, pagoda and ruffled parasol types.

18) Welcome bag: Supplying a simple welcome bag to guests containing last-minute supplies that’ll make the entire experience memorable is a fantastic idea. This bag may contain items such as affordable sunglasses, bottled water, sun cream or several items that’ll enhance the guest experience.

19) Wedding program on a fan: Wedding programs are very useful for guests to havea good idea ofwhat’s ahead. It is a great thought to put the program in a hand fan so guests will not lose the program and can remain cool with the benefit of a hand fan.

20) Cooling face mist and wet towelettes: With a summer outdoor wedding, there is the likelihood that it might be a hot day. To ensure your guests enjoy an uninterrupted wedding experience, it is important to provide them with cooling face mist and wet towelettes for that refreshing sensation.

21) An ice-cream cart: Ice creams play a vital role in moments of heat and your wedding is no exception. Choosing a vintage ice cream that is made from organic milk and top-quality ingredients is likely to leave your guests with a very sweet feeling.

22) Seating plan on a chalkboard frame: To add a bit of creativity you could have the names and seating arrangement of your guests on a variety of chalkboard shapes.

23) One more thing…. don’t forget to hire portable toilets: You’ve made all the plans with regards to food, music, decoration, safety and information, and you think it’s all done. However, a portable toilet is very important as your guests are likely to visit these units for a pee or a poo. At WC Portable, we’ve got a lot of experience in supplying couples with clean portable toilets to make their day not just special, but comfortable for all present. Our wedding ranges of portable toilets comprise of standard and disabled units that ensure you can care for everyone.


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