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Misconceptions are quite common in society and we’ve most likely found ourselves caught up in one at some point in life. So much so a book was written regarding misconceptions and addressed popular myths such as ‘sugar makes children hyper,’ ‘You must wait 30 minutes after eating before you swim or you’ll drown,’Twinkle Twinkle Star was composed by Mozart.’ and a few others  

Like with everything else, there are misconceptions when it comes to portable toilets. These units are important on construction sites, sporting events, recreational venues and a host of other locations with an absence or lack of traditional toilet facilities. Let’s have a quick look at some of these toilet-related misconceptions and properly address each. 

Popular myths about portable toilets: 

  • Portable toilets do not look attractive: Some users tend to view portable toilets as a simple and functional unit where people handle their business when nature calls. These facilities are more than some random box with the basic sanitary features. There are extra sophisticated features that are now being added to these toilets. As you can find optional self-contained lighting, automatic motion sensor LED light, translucent roof and ventilation.  On the top range, there are also luxury portable toilets provided by companies that include eye-catching attributes such as wooden cabinetry, hanging pictures, heat, climate controlled interiors with air conditioning and heating options.  With contemporary features listed above, toilet users are likely to forget they’re using a portable unit when they are emptying their bowels or bladder. 
  • Portable toilets are difficult to maintain on a regular basis: Event and site managers may be overwhelmed with the thought of regularly checking the units to ensure they are safe for use. That’s not their job! This is where a reputable toilet hire company comes in handy.  When you hire toilet units from us, our team takes care of the maintenance, including regular cleaning, waste disposal, and restocking of supplies. Portable toilets are designed with simplicity of maintenance in mind, and professionals handle these tasks efficiently to ensure a positive user experience.
  • Portable toilets are not good for the environment: Some people have the belief that portable toilets are not safe for our environment. That’s untrue as these mobile facilities are more environmentally-friendly than imagined. Some are made of eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable and recycled parts. You can safely say these units help reduce water pollution by preventing wastewater from natural water bodies which helps to keep the wastewater fresh and also combat the 
  • Portable toilets are only hired for construction sites: Some people may think the need for portable toilets are only justified for use on construction sites. This could not be more wrong than imagined. These mobile facilities are required for a variety of occasions such as music festivals, outdoor weddings, running events, dragon boat races, community fundraisers and a lot more. 
  • Portable Toilets negatively impacts on user privacy and experience. :  

There is an assumption that the use of portable toilets will restrict the privacy of users and thus affect their overall toilet experience. On the contrary, contemporary portable toilets are designed to provide a comfortable and refreshing experience. Features such as sturdy construction, lockable doors, and adequate interior space ensure users feel at ease during their visits

There are some of the popular myths or misconceptions regarding portable toilets. These facilities are becoming more relevant and visible across a variety of events and construction sites. 

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