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toilet back posture

What is your back posture when using the toilet? Ohh, you’ve never given much thought to your posture. Or, your main aim has always been to empty your bowels most quickly and easily? Back posture is often spoken about at most work environments as a part of workplace ergonomics. The back posture training, quizzes and discussions pertain to the use of workstations and office seats. You are often reminded to adjust your chair so your lower back is adequately supported. When you properly adjust your chair your lower back gets all the necessary support required.

One of the golden rules of workplace ergonomics is to use a seat that can be easily adjusted in terms of the height, back rest position and slant ability. Additionally, it is beneficial to have your knees a bit lower than your hips and a footrest can be of more help if necessary. The mention of back posture always reminds us of the workstation scenario or when lifting or moving heavy items. Back posture is also important when using the toilet. There has also been the debate between squatting or sitting while using the toilet. It is not one that this blog seeks to address. We aim to ascertain the appropriate back posture when using the toilet. This could be instrumental to your overall posture and health.  


The ideal toilet back posture. 

As stated earlier, our focus is not on the sitting vs squatting debate but the ideal back posture when answering a number one or two. Our assessment of the most favourable back posture is more applicable to those who sit when handling business than individuals with a preference for squatting.  We will look at the different attributes of good toilet posture.

1) Sitting with your knee higher than your hips: When nature calls we pay little to no consideration to the height of our knees. A good toilet posture requires an individual to have their knees higher than their hips. It is advisable to use a stable platform or a stool to ensure this position is attained. 

2) You need to relax and bulge your stomach: This may not feel natural at the initial phase but it becomes easier the more you practise. You must relax and forget about how stressful or demanding your day has been as you handle your business. It is a private moment that will leave you feeling lighter and more comfortable. Remember, relaxing is the first bit but bulging out your stomach is the next important aspect of the routine. A good toilet posture can be achieved if you strive to practise on both aspects during your toilet routine. 

3) Lean forward and put your elbow on your knees: Are you leaning backwards when answering the call of nature? Leaning forward is the ideal sitting posture in your private moments. Your elbows are meant to be resting on your knees. Partaking in unhygienic toilet habits like using your phone could restrict you from properly placing your elbows on your knees. 

4) Ensure your spine is straightened:  Our spine needs to be straightened to ensure we do not suffer from back aches or spinal cord related issues. Spending too long in the toilet can tempt us into bad seating habits that can include slanting our spinal cord. As spinal cord disorders can emerge if sitting habits are not properly monitored. Straighten  your spinal cord to prevent back disorders in the future.

Toilet posture is an important aspect of our lives to prevent back related aches or disorder. It is important to continuously monitor your sitting posture whilst pooping or peeing to ensure a good standard is maintained. 


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