Are there any consequences for reading in a public toilet?




reading in a public toilet

Using a public toilet is always a private and quiet moment for most. We either take our time or do our businesses in a hurry, depending on the state of the public portable facility or the standard toilet at the train station.

One of the common public toilet habits is reading a book or article whilst emptying your bowels. It seems like a logical thing to do as you have few minutes to spare and determined to complete the book ahead of your reading club’s deadline. As your eyes travel through captivating lines of text, you completely forget you are in a public toilet. The story is interesting and you can’t stop wondering who was responsible for breaking into Vivian’s car and doing away with her diamond ring. You’re so deep in the story and not wondering about the consequences of reading in a public toilet.


Here are some consequences of reading in a public toilet

1) The risk of contamination: The public toilet is a haven for microbes or bacteria. A lot of these are released from our faeces and that of previous toilet users. We run the risk of having our books, kindle or magazines contaminated in these facilities. Microbes do not thrive on newspaper surfaces as they can’t survive beyond a few minutes on these surfaces. On the contrary, shiny and smooth surfaces like that of a Kindle, smartphone or tablet are great breeding grounds for microbes. They can survive for hours on these surfaces and we run a higher risk of infection when reading with these devices in a public toilet.

2) The risk of leaving the toilet without a wipe: When engrossed in an intriguing story, there is a possibility we can leave the toilet without properly wiping. The attention given to the story may negatively impact our sense of the moment. Hence, it might be beneficial for some to give full attention to the task at hand and refrain from being consumed by your favourite novel whilst in the toilet.

3) Overstaying your welcome in the public toilet facility: Some public units are quite busy during peak periods. Spending time reading your favourite book or article can easily lead to spending much time than required in these facilities. People waiting to use the toilet will be surprised it has been occupied for longer than required. You might get the strange stare when departing the stall.

4) Higher chance of suffering of the pile: Pile is enlarged blood vessels that can be found inside or around our anus. Sitting in a toilet for longer than required could be a common cause of pile. When you’ve sat for a while, it increases the amount of pressure the veins around the anus have to endure. This could easily lead to inflammation and bleeding. It is advisable to limit the use of devices when having a poo.

5) Reverse Peristalsis: Peristalsis is an important process that helps the movement of food through the digestive system. It is quite important in the emptying of bowels. Spending a long time reading in a toilet could easily hold up poop and send it back to one’s colon. This could cause constipation and make us really uncomfortable.

Answering the call of nature is a necessity that should be addressed in a decent time. Spending a long time reading in a toilet facility may distract you from properly and promptly doing your business.

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