Benefits of hiring portable toilets that do not require mains power




Mains power supply

Have you ever wondered how the entire system operates when using portable toilets in the past? You may have assumed that there is an external mains power supply or a solar-powered panel that generates the required energy for the full functioning of the facility. To your surprise, our portable toilets do not require a power supply for users to safely conduct their business. For clarity, mains power supply refers to the alternating current electric power origin in a location that is less than or equal to a nominal 240-volt single-phase. Places such as urban areas, historic sites, market centres, or production factories may require utility power. Let’s explore some benefits or advantages of hiring portable toilets that do not require domestic power. 


Advantages of hiring portable toilets that do not need a utility power

1) No fear of a sudden stop or interruption in service: It is always good to plan for the unexpected, but when using a public toilet facility, we may need more preparation. Portable toilets are usually hired to cater to the personal waste needs of attendees and participants. Event organisers and construction site managers will be fine when users use the provided mobile facility. Imagine a music festival fan is using a mobile unit at a festival and suddenly realises the power has cut out, the flushing system has been immobilised, and the hand dryer has been starved of energy to function. It will be mayhem for the site managers and portable toilet hire company. Simply a nightmare case. You don’t have to prepare or be concerned about these scenarios as all the features in our standard and event mobile units can effectively function without any external power supply. 

2) Absence of electrocution or electric safety concern: There are real benefits to using a main electric supply, but on extreme occasions, there is the fear of an accidental incident leading to mild or severe electrocution. The power and threat of live wire causing this situation cannot be ignored. Luckily, none of this will be a concern as the portable toilets are not electrically powered from the mains.      

3) Higher efficiency levels: It is often argued that a mains power supply is less efficient than its switch-mode power supply counterparts. In our case, this will never arise as the units do not require electric power. 

4) A smooth process: For the mains to supply the required power to a unit or machinery, it could require some transformer and significant components to manage the power. These complex planning and execution are optional in a non-electric powered portable toilet unit. As such, the transportation, placement, and removal of the mobile toilet unit should be smooth.

5) Not contributing to air pollution: Power plant emissions are believed to cause extensive environmental effects through air pollution. A troubling fact about air pollution is that 91% of the World’s population breathes polluted air daily. Additionally, 1 in 10 people die from an air pollution-related disease. Portable toilets like ours that do not require mains power are good for the environment and can help reduce incidents of air pollution

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