Can the portable toilet be moved once delivered?




multi-colour portabe toilet

Change is the only constant thing in life. Getting used to change and making the appropriate adjustment is always essential. Did you know being receptive to change helps us develop critical thinking skills? It is an attitude instrumental in making us think forward and consider the next steps in any endeavour. 

You must have regularly heard that chameleon changes their colour to regulate their body temperature. Animals such as mammals and birds are known for changing their colour as part of their development. A change to a darker colour helps them absorb light and heat to raise their temperature. They can also switch to a lighter colour to reflect the light and heat, which regulates or reduces their body temperature.

It is quite an interesting example of how an animal experiences a constant change of colour to largely contribute to its survival and function at a high level. One of the interesting facts about the chameleon is that they can judge distances and identify prey between a range of 5 and 10 metres. Other mammals and birds that can change their colour include arctic fox, stoat, long-tailed duck, willow ptarmigan, and a few others. 

Sometimes change is for the better or a result of new development or circumstance. Plans could change when organising events such as music festivals, wedding receptions, marathons, a fundraiser, etc. The weather suddenly changes, and it starts raining. Or, you suddenly move the catering or buffet section to the opposite side of the hall and now require a slight adjustment to the distance or position of the portable toilet. Let’s explore some reasons why the position of the bathroom will need to be changed. 

Possible reasons for the change of the location of the toilet: 

The need to change the location of the toilet may also be required at a construction site. It is not only applicable to an event situation.

  1. The current toilet site needs to serve a different purpose: A site map may have been drawn up to understand where things should be placed. It may have informed the current location of the portable toilet, and the event or construction manager may have realised that things need to be moved around due to a newly informed understanding. In this event, the toilet may be repositioned to allow for the smooth running of the agenda. 
  2. An obscured or restricted path: A fallen tree may have shrouded the way to the portable unit and rendered it a hazard to the users. Or, the weather may have suddenly changed, and an unexpected heavy rain could have caused the area where the unit is positioned to be slippery or slightly flooded. It is a condition that could make the use of the facility tricky and warrant an adjustment to its position. 
  3. A sudden interruption to the lighting situation around the unit: Lighting along the path leading to these facilities is essential to prevent falls or trips. There could be a sudden loss of this light, which can quickly become a cause of concern for both management and potential users. 

Can the portable toilet be moved once delivered? 

We’ve now arrived at the big question of the day! You’ve ordered portable toilets, and they’ve been delivered, and you now want to find out if they can be moved to a new location. The answer is a resounding YES, but we will advise that it is moved to within 15 feet or 4.6 metres of where we can safely get to with our service vehicle. As our team will regularly service the units, clear and unhindered access is essential. 

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