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public toilet passcode

Have you ever visited a caffè, restaurant or fast food outlet with an intent to use the restroom? You may require a password to use the public facility for either a number one or two. To prevent or reduce the number of customers that use the facility, fast food outlets are now printing the public toilet pass code on the customer receipt. Customers will have to place an order before they are granted a pass code to use the facility. 

This could prove challenging if your aim was to quickly visit the eatery or caffè to use the provided facility. You may also find clear signs on the door of the public toilet facilities stating: ‘Paying Customers to use Toilets.’ The sight of this notice may be concerning if your sole aim was to visit and use the provided facility. There are options to help you navigate this situation. 


Options for dealing with a passcode-enabled toilet facility

  1. Make a purchase from the caffè or outlet: This is one of the simplest solutions if you are so pressed for the toilet. You do not have to be hungry to purchase a double chocolate brownie or lemon loaf. Or, thirsty to order a bottle of water or a super greens smoothie. It is a simple way of obtaining a passcode that will enable you to use the designated customer toilet. This may not be a viable option if you left your purse or card in the car. If you do not have cash or your card, then you will need to consider the other options on this list.
  2. Appeal to staff for a temporary passcode: There is always an option if you are desperate to use the facility. In the absence of your purse, card or cash, you’ve got to allow the humane part of you to politely speak to available staff. It is best, to be honest, and concise when explaining why you require a temporary code to use the provided toilet. Some members of staff may be considerate and provide you with a temporary passcode. The next tip will be necessary if the member of staff has declined your appeal or request to use the provided facility.
  3. Look for an alternative public toilet: You can walk or drive down to the next available public toilet facility. A train station, shopping mall or a park may have free-entry facilities. This becomes a viable solution if you are located in a city or town but less realistic in remote locations.
  4. Wait to enter immediately after a toilet user:  This is a plausible option if you’ve not yet had a chance to speak to a member of staff. It could be due to busy staff attending to customers ordering snacks and drinks. Or, you were lucky enough to walk into someone just leaving a facility. This will be an ideal situation that will save you the time and possible anxiety of asking to use the provided facility.


Overall, these tips will help you cope with restaurants or fast food outlets that require passcodes to use the provided facilities. 

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