Dealing with the mid-movie toilet break




mid-movie toilet break

Visiting our local cinema is usually a great way to unwind after a very busy week at work. It’s a special moment we share with our family, friends or partner. Movies differ on the basis such as genre, cast, budget, characters, reviews and importantly runtime. The duration of a movie is mostly not among our top criteria for evaluating its quality.

We’ve seen movies with an interesting length such as the Happy Hour movie of 2015 with a runtime of 317 minutes (5hrs 17mins). There was also a movie titled A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery which was produced in 2016 and ran for 485 minutes (8hrs, 5mins). Most recently the Avengers: Endgame release has a runtime of 182 minutes (3hrs, 2mins). Some of these movies are aired at cinemas without any intermission.

Unlike theatres, where it is a given to expect an intermission during a play to allow for the audience to complete a toilet break, grab a drink or go for a leg stretch. Most movies at a cinema are aired without any break. This makes toilet break management important to prevent missing critical scenes.  

The best way to deal with the mid-movie toilet break is by taking necessary measures to avoid the need for a number one or two. Some of these tips will help reduce the probability of having a toilet urge or better manage the desire to answer nature’s call.

Simple tips to dealing with the mid-movie toilet break urge

1) Check the actual runtime of the movie: This sounds like an obvious habit by most movie lovers. Not all cinema goers check the duration of their proposed movie. Looking up this information will help gauge the potential need of using the loo.

2) Keep your appetite under control: We all love a mega-sized soft drink and popcorn for our movie night. Avoiding to drink too much liquid or eat anything that could easily upset our stomach is important in preventing the mid-movie restroom break

3) Arrive early and use the toilet before the movie starts: Arriving early will ensure you are settled and comfortably use the facilities before the movie airs. Turning up late might leave you flustered and with limited time for a quick pee or poop.

4) Choose an aisle seat and close to the screen: If you are suffering from weak bladder or on a certain medication that triggers the need for urinating frequently- plan ahead. This involves choosing the appropriate seat that will ensure you are not inconveniencing anyone on your way to using the facility.

5) Train your bladder: Choosing not to use the toilet at a slight urge helps us strengthen our bladder. Knowing how much time is left for the movie to run will help you judge the situation better. The lesser the time left, the higher your chance of holding on.

These are simple techniques for dealing with the mid-movie toilet break. You don’t want to miss a significant aspect of a movie because you failed to plan ahead of time. Enjoy your movie without worrying about your bowel or bladder.

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