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The urge to use the toilet occurs when we are in and out of the comfort of our homes. In work or public settings, we are likely to use shared facilities to answer the call of nature. There are times we feel the toilet is too close for comfort and wish it was farther from public scrutiny and observation. We can also find ourselves in other situations, wishing the portable toilet or standard unit was closer to us than a long walk away. Whatever the position – farther or nearer, nothing beats feeling a shared public facility is situated at an ideal distance from where we are located. 

The popular saying or idiom comes to mind when looking into the toilet location and proximity analysis. It goes thus, ‘if wishes were horses beggars would ride.‘ It is difficult to achieve things or create the ideal distance between you and the shared unit by wishing it to fruition or waving your magic wand. Not all shared facilities will be at one’s perfect distance. When we are so pressed, it is quite challenging to receive and understand the direction of the designated toilet facility. It further adds to the difficulty of having to travel a considerable distance to these units. Life is not always deemed to be fair but it boils down to how we view and handle situations. We will explore certain scenarios when we wished the toilet was farther and nearer. Noting the difference in these two different scenarios.


When you wish the toilet was farther

There are two examples we will look at when people are likely to desire the public toilet was a few metres away.

  • The dining table situation: There are some houses in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe where a toilet is built quite close to the dining table. Open-plan kitchens with their respective dining area can gladly present a toilet just a stone throw away. Imagine, you’ve visited a friend and have just had a delicious and tasty meal at the dining table. Suddenly, you experience some rumbling within your stomach and the unprecedented urge to poop overcomes your body. Your lips tremble as you ask your friend for the closest toilet, knowing very well that there is one by the dining table. You almost wish your friend or his wife will point you towards the toilet on the first floor. It is not comfortable to have everyone listen to the sound generated when emptying one’s bowel. 
  • The toilet next door office scenario: There are some small open-plan offices that are likely to have a toilet too close for comfort. You thought the door in your new office is where the gas chamber is? No way! That’s the toilet, where everyone goes for a number one or two. One will certainly wish the toilet was farther from the general office population to avoid the sound and smell takeover. 


When you wished the toilet was nearer

On the flip side, there are also circumstances where you’d wish the toilet was nearer. In these situations, walking to locate the toilet can almost seem forever. Here are two examples when one will desire to have a toilet nearer:

  • Train station experience: Most of us have had to use the trains at different moments. Delays happen and the urge to use a toilet facility also presents itself when preparing to board a train. Your train departs in a few minutes and you’ve just sensed a need to do a number two. The sad news is the public toilet is on the other side of the arrival hall. You’ve realised it will take you about ten minutes to get there and your train departs in four minutes. In moments like this, you’d wish the toilet was close by.
  • The shopping mall scenario: You love shopping or have just reluctantly accompanied a friend. More shops have been visited than items bought. It feels like it’s going to be a long day but you suddenly sense the urge for the toilet. Unfortunately, there is none on the fourth floor. The best option is to go to the ground floor where all the toilets are located. One’s desire at this stage is for toilets to be provided at each floor.

The above examples highlight when we will prefer toilets that are closer or farther. Nothing delights more than a perfectly situated shared toilet unit. 


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