Different types of sports construction projects that may require the hiring a portable toilet




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Sports facilities are always regularly constructed from scratch or renovated to a good and appealing standard. Some of these sports construction sites do not have access to toilet facilities for workers which make it necessary to consider hiring portable units.

Sports construction projects that may require portable toilets

1) Basketball courts construction and portable toilet hire: Basketball courts are not all about installing two rims or poles at opposite locations. These courts come in a variety of types such as concrete, asphalt, clay and grass. The common surfaces that exist for these courts are synthetic clay, grass, acrylics, rubberised cushion and carpet surfaces. Basketball courts are commonly constructed at parks, public resorts, private homes, sports venues and commercial locations.   When a basketball court construction project is taking place at venues such as parks, there is often the need to hire a few portable toilet units for the workers on site. A failure to ensure workers have facilities to answer a number one or two could lead to dissatisfaction and delay project completion.

2) Tennis court construction and portable toilet hire: There are a variety of surfaces available when constructing a tennis court. It is important to note that each of these surfaces have a certain impact on the game characteristics and dynamics. In the case of synthetic grass or Astroturf, there is a possibility of a high bounce and a slower rate of play which is best suited for hobbyist or junior tennis players. Building these tennis courts could be carried out on sites with limited or no toilet facilities. In these circumstances, hiring a portable unit could provide your workers with the much needed facilities to ensure the smooth completion of the job within the expected timescale.

3) Rugby pitch construction and portable toilet hire:  The physical nature of the game of rugby often has a brutal impact on the pitches. Limited or lack of drainage facilities can cause problems for these pitches leading to a mud bath. Constructing a new rugby pitch requires a lot of elements to be taken into consideration like the calculation of the drainage needs. To adequately cater for all soil types, a primary and secondary drainage system may be required to be installed to help the protection of the playing surface. All these intensive works could be carried out at locations with limited or no toilet facilities. New rugby grounds that are built from scratch are not expected to have toilets from the onset. This necessitates the hiring of portable toilet units to provide the workers with a safe and clean unit to answer the call of nature with ease.

4) Football pitch construction and portable toilet hire: in the UK, football is one of the most popular sports and you can easily spot a pitch around your neighborhood. Football pitch construction and drainage installations are commonly carried out for grass roots amateur football clubs that are often funded by the football foundation. These pitches require design specifications that determine the size, surface and drainage layouts. Construction of new football pitches also looks into the volume of ground conditions and chooses the right grass seed mixture and cultivars depending on the environment. Constructing these new football pitches on a site with little or no toilet facilities will often require the hiring of toilet facilities. These mobile toilet units ensure workers have facilities for a quick pee or relieving poo.

Portable toilet units are often required for construction sites like the above mentioned. At WC Portables, we’ve got portable units that can be hired for construction projects on sporting grounds.

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