Different ways the hygiene-minded users flush public toilets




hygiene-minded toilet users

Using the toilet for a poop or pee is only natural and can be done at home or whilst at public areas like shopping malls, train stations and festivals. We’ve stated in previous blogs that toilet users have a varying hygiene standard. Some are relaxed with how they come in contact with different parts of a facility whilst others are either moderate or strict with their etiquette. For the users at the upper end of the hygiene ladder, there are several techniques to flushing the toilet. As the toilet handle could be one of the most bacteria-filled parts of a facility. There are different ways these set of users flush toilet.  


Here are the different ways the hygiene- conscious users flush the toilet

1) Use of the knuckles: These users try to avoid using their palms to press the toilet flusher. Psychologically, they assume using the knuckles is not as harmful as the palms. This approach would make the top of the list for those slightly concerned with using shared or public facilities.

2) Using the air freshener to press the flusher: The air freshener serves more purpose than emitting scent to the toilet atmosphere. To those uneasy with using their palms or have to press the flusher, there is an alternative approach. The tin of the air freshener can be used to generate the required power to flush the facilities. While this is not a recommended approach, it highlights how some toilet users flush.

3) Using paper towels as covering: Paper towels are sometimes used as a shield from having direct contact with the flush.  Some users believe that using the paper towels will help prevent the transmission of bacteria.  

4) Using the bottom of your shoes to flush the toilet: This could be viewed as an inconsiderate way of using the toilet flush. It is great to think of others when using shared or public facilities. The bottom of one’s shoes is designed for the floor and not the toilet flush. As using the underneath of your shoes only adds more dirt to the toilet handle and negatively impacts the experience for the next user. 

5) Use of the back of the finger: For users who have a high hygiene concern when using public toilet, using the back of the finger to flush is considered a great option. As it prevents them from using their palms to flush. 

6) The elbow as an enabler of the toilet flush: This could cause injury if not careful. As using one’s palm to press the toilet flush could be safer than using your elbow. You could be prone to dislocation of the elbow or any minor injury when attempting to flush with your elbow.


These are some of the ways the hygiene-sensitive flush in public toilets. 


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