Do I need to hire a portable toilet for my house extension?




Toilet hire for home extensions

You’re considering extending your home and the thought of this project leaves you a bit overwhelmed. But the reasons behind extending the property is so strong and compelling enough, that it prevents you from procrastinating any further. Your desire to extend your property will be largely determined by the presence and size of the garden or loft. The headroom of the loft also plays an important part in impacting the degree of the extension. If your home is gifted with a sizeable garden and loft, you may also have additional reasons behind embarking on a house extension project.

To hire or not? The below factors will guide you towards determining if hiring a portable toilet is appropriate for your home extension. It will also assist you in understanding the rationale behind most home extensions. 

Here are some common reasons behind home extensions:

1) Growing family: Kids are a gift and as you add more to your family there could be a need to create additional space for a bedroom or playroom. This reason is enough to get a home extension project started. 

2) Avoiding the cost and hassle of moving: Moving home is not an easy process physically and emotionally. It could take days to find a suitable property, put in a rental or purchase request and move your possessions from the old to the new. The thought of this alone justifies a home extension project.

3) Increase the property value of your home: Properties are assets that can appreciate. Deciding to extend yours can add more value to it if you decide to rent or sell in the future. 

4) Emotional attachment to your current home: It could be a family home that has been passed on from generations. It is not just a home but an embodiment of cherished memories. The emotional attachment you may have for your home justifies keeping hold of it and extending its size and value via an extension project. 


You are certain of a home extension but wondering if you’ll need to hire a portable toilet for the builders


Factors that will influence hiring a portable toilet for your extension project 

1) The number of toilets in your current property: Do you have a single or limited number of toilets in your current property? Or, is there a spare guest toilet that is rarely used? Answers to these questions will determine if you need to hire a portable toilet or not. The availability of a guest toilet that is seldom used could be useful to your builders during the duration of the project. 

2) Your hygiene tolerance level: If you can barely stand dirt in your toilet then making it available to builders could leave you cleaning up more than you bargained for. In this scenario, hiring a portable toilet for the duration of the project could be your best bet.

3) The number of builders on site: The more builders on the ground for your extension project the higher consideration in hiring a portable toilet. If your property is being worked on by a single builder you could contemplate granting them access to your private toilet facility.

4) Availability of space for the portable toilet: You do not require an enormous space for a hired portable facility. It is important you an area where the facility can be placed without it causing an obstruction or inconvenience. 

5) Affordability of hiring a portable toilet: There are several portable toilets hire companies in the UK. Prices and quality of service could differ among these companies. Hence, it is important to request quotes for the number of days you expect your project to last. 



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