The effort to subdue the smell in portable toilets during marathons




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An unpleasant smell in public facilities like portable toilets is more manageable than avoidable. The only way race participants can avoid these odours is by being the first to use these units before anyone else. It definitely isa daunting task to be the first to use a portable toilet at marathon events like Berlin which attracts over 40,000 runners and a few thousand supporters comprising friends, families and the local community.

These public toilet facilities at racing events are in constant use due to the sheer number of runners and their accompanying supporters. Every individual that uses these units leaves behind a smell which then blends with that of all the previous users. This whole cycle could contribute to an obnoxious smell if not properly managed by the suppliers. As such, facility suppliers employ different approaches to ensure the smell generated in portable toilets during race events is subdued to a great degree. Who wouldn’t like to walk into a fresh and nicely scented toilet? Below are some of the ways public toilet suppliers make their units smell nice.


Different ways the smell in portable toilets are reduced 

We definitely understand that as a variety of people answer the call of nature before, during and after a race, there is an awful blend of odour which could lead to stench. Here are a few ways this smell is diffused in a portable toilet.

  • Chemical deodorisers for portable toilets: These are commonly used by portable toilet rental companies after each standard service or cleaning is done. The deodoriser could be chemical in nature and they are mostly made up of a fragrance, deodoriser agent and dye. The fragrance is vital in ensuring that the smell is subdued in the given toilet. These fragrances are made in a variety of soothing aromas which can keep portable toilets appealing for runners who need to make a quick stop to answer the persistent call of nature. The role of the dye is purely for decorative or aesthetic reasons. It helps to conceal the contents of a portable toilet holding tank


  • Cherry and bubble gum are among the most popular scents or fragrance used to diffuse the smell generated in a portable toilet. A big cause of the smell produced in a portable unit is as a result of microbes that break down waste during natural processes


  • Green deodorizers: The growing awareness and demand for green alternatives to deodorizers has led to the production of these for portable toilet units. Some of these eco-friendly deodorizers are made from plant abstractions and organic ingredients that ensures the entire waste process is safer for our environments.


  • Regular emptying and cleaning of portable toilet units: At WC Portable, we ensure our units at events are regularly emptied and cleaned to ensure they remain fresh and appealing to the users. Units could be emptied and cleaned daily for events that span beyond a day. The effectiveness of deodorizers could be maintained when toilets are more frequently emptied and cleaned.

It is quite clear that portable toilets at running events like marathons can easily be confronted with the challenge of strong odour if important measures are not put in place by the suppliers.

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