Eight uncomfortable moments in a public toilet




Using a public toilet creates for some awkward moments. This makes the toilet experience at a busy train station, shopping mall or sporting event full of uncertainty. Have you ever encountered something strange in a public toilet that has stuck to your memory? It may have been an event in a public toilet that you’ve recounted to friends and families at numerous occasions. I’ve also experienced hilarious and embarrassing moments in public toilets that have caused flashbacks when I’m about to use a public facility.

Here are some awkward public toilet experiences 

1) Run out of toilet paper: I was using the urinals at a public toilet when I heard someone asking for help. The two stalls were occupied and one of the gents did not have toilet paper in his cubicle and was asking the other occupier to pass some underneath the divide. It was quite funny as he asked him for more and kept asking him for more leaving everyone laughing.

2) Running into your ex-boss in a public toilet: This could be quite an uncomfortable experience if you were not in good terms with your ex- boss. On the other hand, you could be contemplating on who should first say hi.

3) Realising the lock of your cubicle is broken: If this is the only available cubicle and you are quite pressed, you could be left with a dilemma of waiting for the next available cubicle or empty your bowels while securing the door with your hand.

4) Clearing your throat to subdue the unexpected sound: We generally dread the quietness of a toilet before emptying our bowels. Hence, we wait for the hand dryers to go off before unleashing the waste that lies within. When the hand dryers are not going off we are likely to generate sound by cleaning our throat to subdue the sound that is produced when we are doing a number two.

5) Someone in a neighbouring cubicle is using their phone: It is quite uncomfortable to be taking care of your business whilst someone else is talking with a mate in a nearby cubicle. It makes you uneasy and cautious to prevent generating too much sound that could be heard by the person at the other end of the phone.

6) Getting stuck in a stall: A few locks in stalls have experienced some degree of wear and tear. This could negatively impact the ease at which they fasten or open. Nothing is as awkward as being stuck in a loo due to a jammed or faulty lock. In this scenario, you have no other option than asking for help.

7) Walking in on someone using in a Stall: Some folks are so pressed that they forget to lock the cubicle. This could lead to some awkwardness as you could accidentally open the stall and realise there is someone taking care of business.

8) Suddenly realising there is someone else in a stall beside you: You’ve been in a stall for about three minutes, releasing thundering sounds as you empty your bowels. You also spent a few minutes talking aloud about that ex that left you after five years. You were confident no one else was in the toilet beside you. Then in a moment someone coughed in a stall next to yours. Have they been there all these while? Have they been listening to the variety of sounds you’ve been discharging? A lot of questions run through your mind as you pause in embarrassment.

Our public toilet experience is always marked with one or two awkward moments. Laughing over this and not taking them too much to heart are the best thing to do.

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