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The arrival of smartphones and tablets has transformed our routine tasks. A few years ago, we did dread the launch time queue at our local bank. Making a cash transfer to a family member or payment of our energy bills required a visit to the bank during our lunch break. The rise of the internet and smart mobile devices has led to the development and popularity of mobile apps. There are almost apps for any given task required with particular mention to finding a public toilet. These are apps that come to your rescue when you are pressed for a number one or two and these generally excludes portable hired toilets.

Here are bathroom locator apps that will come to your rescue when pressed

  • Toilet Finder: This is an app from BeTomorrow and is very popular with over 500,000 downloads on the Andriod Play Store as at when this article was being written. The app enables users to find the closest toilet from a possible 150,000. An interesting aspect of this app is its toilet finder mutual assistance community. About a few hundred of thousands of contributors assist in the addition of public toilets and inform the app in cases of closures.
  • Flush Crowdsourced: This is also a popular restroom finder or locator with over 100,000 downloads. The number of toilets on the database of the app is around 200,000. The beauty about this app is that it allows users with or without internet access.  It also informs the user if a toilet has a fee, requires a key or is equipped with disabled access. The app integrates with Google Map to provide directions to the closest facility.
  • Where is Public Toilet: This a useful app from any part of the world as it has over 280,000 available units in its app database. The app has over 100,000 downloaded via the Android Play Store. Using your location signal, the app could easily find the nearest and most appropriate restroom and Google StreetView could easily confirm the availability of the unit. The filter options of this app make it quite unique and powerful. It is sure set to rescue you from sticky circumstances as you can filter by dimensions such as gender or gender neutral, parking, shower, water, adult change, baby change e.t.c
  • ToiFi: The toilet finder app ensures users can locate public toilet from a database of about 350, 000 units. It currently has over 50,000 downloads on the Andriod Play Store and is free. Users can easily navigate, rate, request cleaning and add public toilet easily. This app identifies the nearest facility either located in shopping malls, railway stations, petrol pumps or restaurants.
  • Toilocator: With over 10,000 downloads in the Andriod Play Store, this app affords users a great opportunity to locate the closest facility. Like other toilet locator apps, the Toilocator utilises your GPS to identify nearby facilities that are government built, free and with disabled access. There are over 290,000 toilets in its database. Users can easily be navigated to the nearest public toilet without any need to run a search within the app.

Mobile apps are changing the way we perform a routine task. These apps have made finding a public toilet easier.

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