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four person wash station

The pandemic has raised public awareness and interest in regularly washing our hands and the 20-second rule is ingrained in the minds and hearts of people. For clarity, this is not a 20-second rule required to activate the required energy to build a new habit or advance on a transformation path.

Whilst we are all in support of creating healthy habits and keeping the momentum going, this piece is in a niche. The habit of washing our hands with soap and water after using a public facility, touching a variety of communal surfaces or reluctantly exchanging handshakes, has become a mainstay. It’s an age of a pandemic where we don’t need to have germaphobia to wash our hands regularly. 

The four-person wash station is gaining recognition in this era. Certain public places or event types decide to provide users with an option to either use a hand sanitiser or properly wash their hands.

Places or circumstances that necessitate mobile four-person wash stations 

We are exploring wash stations that are not stationary but mobile and easily movable. With an average weight of around 27 kg.

Here are some ideal situations for these units 

1) Busy public facilities with limited or broken washbasins: Some public toilets were built years back with a limited number of users. As the year progresses, some locations experience a surge in the number of users. Or, it could be as a result of broken downwash basins or a seasonal event taking place at a shopping mall or within proximity to a station. Whichever is the case, providing a mobile wash station will reduce the over-reliance on the fixed basins and aid the smooth flow of people. 

2) Christmas Market: This article is written and published during the yuletide season. Food is always sold and served at Christmas markets. From bakery to haggis and sausages. A cold winter in a Christmas Market calls for some good food and nice company. Our hands get soiled and sticky from the sauce or syrup. Looking for a convenient place to wash our hands is a reasonable thing to do. That’s when a mobile washbasin comes in handy and is bound to enhance the overall Christmas Market experience. 

3) Charity sporting events: Sometimes sporting events are organised to fundraise for a charity. It could be a football match or an obstacle course challenge. Not all venues or parks used for these events have available or sufficient wash stations. In such a situation, hiring a four-person wash station would be useful to ensure participants keep their hands in a good hygienic state. 

4) Construction site: builders are usually exposed to all manner of dust and dirt. Activities such as bricklaying, carpentry, decorating, scaffolding, plumbing and a host of others are bound to leave some filth on one’s hands. Understandably, workers put on protective materials such as gloves when performing some of these tasks, as they can be deterrents of dirt. Gloves made up of high-performance polyethene are considered to be highly protective of dirt. Regardless of these gloves, a four-person wash station can be useful in maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment or site. 

Mobile wash stations are now being designed and manufactured in compact and manageable weight. They usually come equipped with paper towels, a washing liquid dispenser and a foot pump. They are quite useful in reducing queues in busy events or locations. 


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