Glastonbury reveals the toilet of dreams




Glastonbury and festival toilets

Is the toilet really a place for dreams? We’ve seen certain toilets in life that have triggered our imagination and left us pondering about unending possibilities. The toilets at The Shard are located on the 6th floor of Western Europe’s tallest building and allow users to easily capture and be in awe of the city’s landmarks such as the HMS Belfast and the tower of London with a candid view across the River Thames. Whilst answering the call of nature from the toilets at The Shard, you can also gain a glimpse of The Gherkin, a commercial skyscraper in London’s primary financial district. Whilst the toilets at The Shard could be a good breeding ground for dreams, the blinged-up WC at Glastonbury is one that really sparks dreams and sets your imagination to work.

Historically, the toilets at Glastonbury are known for being kept in an unclean state as revelers lower their hygiene standards to do a pee or poo at the most convenient space. It’s not just tagged the toilet of dreams for no reason but because it’s fitted with furnishings that you could easily find in the entrance of a castle or a famous theatre. The dream toilet is installed with disco balls, mosaic mirrors, its unique sound systematic and elegant interior that will surely make answering the call of nature a thing of great pleasure. The toilet creates the feeling of royalty as it is built into a purple throne with golden sparkles of light glittering in the background. The purple throne seats come with a comfortable arm rest that makes having a poo the most comfortable experience. The mirrors can easily make a user forget about the primary reason of usingthe toilet as it poses a great reflection of the people using the toilet and leaves revelers with unending imagination.

The only negative side to the luxury toilet is that there was only one of its kind at Glastonbury in 2017. This led to an unusual queue for the use of this facility as many couldn’t wait to try out the prestigious toilet as they conducted their business in the most glamorous surroundings. The team who organised Glastonbury are convinced that the toilet is the most prestigious and luxurious loo that has ever landed on the Glastonbury fields.

The interesting story about this dream toilet is that it was built by the charity Water Aid to help people see why it’s important to have decent toilets all over the world. Simply put, Water Aid’s aim is to create more awareness on the need for basic toilets for children from impoverished or deprived backgrounds.

At WC Portable, we believe it is vital that people have access to clean toilets regardless of thesituation. This is why we strive to supply clean toilets for music festivals in England to ensure festival goers can have fun and easy access to toilet facilities.

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