Ashridge Trial Half Marathon: How running a half-marathon will help you achieve other goals in life




At the turn of year, we often set goals in life; some of these goals are to be more organised, spend more time with family, stay fit and healthy, lose weight, and run a half-marathon, to name a few. Surprisingly, running a half-marathon could help you achieve the other goals you set at the start of the year, as you’ll tend to take your organisational culture up a notch if your goal is to run and complete a half-marathon. A half-marathon requires you to be more organised with your meal planning, sleeping pattern, time management and your shopping habits, as buying the right type of running gear will help you prioritise better and become disciplined with your purchasing pattern. In other words, aside from being better at organising, running will definitely help you save more and spend less. You’ll spend less on gym membership fees and drinking out with friends. Let’s assume your next goal is to spend more time with your family and reduce the number of late nights you’ve been accustomed to keeping lately; running a half-marathon naturally helps you stay indoors more as your legs and body recover from pounding the pavements, streets and countryside paths. As you stay indoors after these daunting long runs, there is an opportunity to spend some quality time with the family.

Running is a great opportunity to stay fit and healthy as it is believed that people who run for just an hour a week can reduce their risk of a heart disease by almost half compared to their non-running counterparts. Additionally, running helps build the muscles that lower impact workouts tend to ignore, thereby keeping those bones a lot healthier even as you grow older. If your intention is to lose some weight for health reasons, to gain confidence and fit into your princess ball wedding gown, running a half-marathon like that of Ashridge could be the answer. Indeed, for a 73kg person, running is capable of burning more than 850 calories in just an hour.

There are a variety of running events held annually in the UK. The Ashridge Trial half-marathon is one of those, and it’s being organised by the Tring Running Club. The race will take place in a demanding but rewarding off-road trial route through the beautiful Ashridge Estate, Berkhamstead. Running these half-marathons requires registration, picking a training plan, eating smart, sleeping seriously, joining a running club, becoming familiar with the running course and enjoying the entire process. It’ll be difficult to enjoy the half-marathon experience without proper toilet facilities as runners tend to do a number one or two at least an hour before the race begins. At the Ashridge half-marathon, we’ll be supplying the organisers with adequate portable toilets to ensure the ratio of portable toilets to people will be proportional. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your race and achieve a personal best without worrying about queuing up to use the lavatories, and avoid potentially lowering your personal hygiene standards by answering the call of nature in unpleasant places.


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