How long is too long for a person to occupy a public toilet?




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Using a public toilet could prove very challenging when the people-to-toilet ratio is very high. In this situation, people may queue up to handle their business. It can be a struggle if the press is at an unbearable level, and staying still has become the most significant challenge since the invention of self-driving cars. Unfortunately, not all events, construction sites, or public spaces are adequately equipped with toilets to cater to users’ needs. With budget cuts and underestimation, people must strategically time their toilet rounds. 

Have you ever waited to use a public toilet? How did you feel during that period? Usually, factors such as the facility’s state, the number of users queuing, and the intensity level of nature’s call will determine our experience. 


 How long is too long for a user to handle their business while you are waiting? 

There is an average time to pee and poop. For peeing, it is generally considered that 30 seconds should be sufficient to empty our bladder. One may feel a bladder issue if the time exceeds a minute. White pooping, 10-15 minutes, is usually a time to eliminate all the unwanted waste from your bowels. These are good averages for us to understand how we compare. However, we’ve had situations where we’ve used public facilities beyond these unwritten timeframes. 


Biological reasons why people use public facilities longer than normal 


   1) Exploded toddler’s diaper: going public places with a toddler presents its highs and lows. On the one hand, the dynamic company and the child’s curiosity make the forgotten signpost at the station seem like a statute at a national square. One of the feared moments is the nappy explosion period. The child has released its waste, but it has decided to travel beyond the containment of the diapers. This will be extended for the public facility as the parent spends time cleaning the child from every faecal residue. 

2) Worst diarrhoea: Diarrhea is usually caused by norovirus or rotavirus. They can also be triggered by the campylobacter and Escherichia coli bacterias. Aside from viruses and bacteria, parasites like giardiasis can be responsible for diarrhea symptoms in people.

3) Menstrual pain and discomfort: Not everyone has a predictable and seamless menstrual cycle. It is full of pain, loose poop, nausea, and headache for some. This could allow people to spend more time using the toilet. 

Regardless of the biological or non-biological reason for using a toilet beyond the expected timeframe, it is not pleasant to alert people to vacate a facility before they are done. We can always use a different faculty or wait it out.  


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