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Hiring a portable toilet for events or construction projects is expected. We’ve previously touched on the ideal ratio of toilets in the workplace. The number of toilets hired results from factors such as the number of users, availability of other standard facilities, budget, duration of the event, etc. One of the main benefits of portable toilets is that they can easily be moved from one location to another. Additionally, they can easily fit into tight spaces due to the precision of the engineering process. 

It is quite common for these toilets to be used for several days, weeks, or months. Construction sites are the most common use case for extended usage. On these occasions, the regular cleaning of the units is essential to prevent the spread of disease and ensure the toilets are in a conducive state. 

When hiring portable toilets, it is essential to find out if the regular servicing of the units is included in the fee and how often this exercise will take place. Additionally, where and when applicable, extras such as the odour repellent can also be refilled to ensure the favourable state of these mobile facilities. 

What is included in the regular servicing of the portable toilet? 

For most portable toilet providers, regular servicing of the unit consists of pumping the waste from the tank, effectively cleaning the walls, replenishing toilet papers and sanitisers e.t,c. Our core focus is on the emptying of the waste from the tank. 

It is essential to understand factors determining the interval between the times the tanks are emptied. 

Factors that will influence the frequency at which the portable toilet tank is emptied: 

  1. The average number of users per mobile unit: Large events such as music festivals are expected to experience a high user-to-toilet ratio if only the minimum toilet units are hired. In this situation, one is likely to have more users in a toilet. It is often recommended that for every 100 women or 425 men, one portable toilet unit is expected to be hired. In the case of a urinal, one should be sufficient for 125 men. These recommendations will determine whether a unit is on the user volume scale’s higher, medium, or lower end. 
  2. The average frequency of use per user:  Users are more likely to visit the facilities when food or drink is constantly consumed. Users at a music festival or a fundraiser where food and drink is served are more likely to see these units to empty their bowels or bladder,

How often should portable toilets be emptied: 

The benefits of emptying mobile units are far-reaching and can make a big difference in the toilet experience of event participants or construction workers. During your initial conversation with the mobile toilet hire company, asking questions about the frequency of emptying the tank is essential. Portable toilets are usually expected to be emptied at least once a week if the number of people using the facility is at most ten. Waiting beyond the seven-day mark may lead to the eventual build-up and overflow of waste and render the unit unusable.

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