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music for the toilet

Public toilets come in different designs, sizes and amenities.  Playing music is a service public toilets can provide to users which will be more valuable than expected. We understand people have different music preferences such as Rock, Electronic, Jazz, Dubstep, Techno,  Country, Indy rock and Pop music. You can also have rhythm and blues fans visit your public restroom daily. No one expects the music collection of public toilets to be as good as good as a DJ. A simple Spotify playlist can go a long way to provide that soothing toilet experience for users. We will now look at the benefits of playing music in a public toilet.

Benefits of music in public toilets 

1) Helping toilet users discover new tunes: This can be considered as a secondary benefit of playing music in public toilets. Users can hear a new or unknown song whilst handling nature’s business. They can then add this to their playlist. There are an array of apps like Shazam and SoundHound that can help users identify songs playing. 

2) Facilitating users travel down memory lane: Some songs bring interesting thoughts and memories in life. A user with the sole intention of doing a number two can be opportune to listen to a childhood classic. A song that fills them with ravishing memories of their younger years.

3) Create relaxation: We live busy lives with activities related to work, family, education, shopping and everything else. Using the toilet is a personal moment that sets us away from some distractions. Music whilst handling nature’s business can make us more relaxed amidst the hectic world of life.

4) Mask our toilet sounds: We are prone to produce an array of sounds when having a poop. As our bowels are emptied in nature’s expected cycle, there could be a symphony of some sort. Sounds that can leave many embarrassed when heard by other users. These are the times when playing music in a public toilet can help subdue the sounds we make  when handing our business. For users who have anxiety using public toilets, music can help ease the concern. 

5) Enhancing our ability to synchronise: Using a public toilet that plays music helps us observe the beats of the song. We learn the timing of the instruments and release our remnants in tandem with the loudest of musical notes. It is an ability that takes some honing to attain some degree of excellence. 

6) Inspires creativity: You could be a songwriter, poet, writer or artist working on your next tune or piece. A song playing whilst you are relaxed and answering nature’s call could be the inspiration you need if experiencing writer’s block or a creative wall. As the toilet time is a private moment with less distraction. A moment that increases our sensitivity and awareness of the environment. That toilet tune could stir some creative juice in you that has been stale due to the activities and distractions of life.  

The next time you enter a public facility that plays music, expect a great toilet experience. 


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